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Li Hanchen notes 5

Li Hanchen lectures 5,should be good and bad character : a character will be useful in a jealous God and God one ,when the line was transported to life authority in God have good effect ( born to help with God ) ,or to avoid bad effects of God ( g out consumption) ,the character of life should be the main guitar when did years to life with God Bureau bad effect ,or to avoid God has good effect ,should be fierce.
Two ,eight-character prediction analysis on three elements of yen Mong decline ,distinguished by God and not God. 8comprehensiveanalysis. Life authority ,Dayun ,fleeting three role relationships .
Example: dry :Jia Shen Ji Si Geng Chen Wu Yin month make Si g yen g, but Shen and trip has been the fire ,Chen Hui has been the fire ,has been the fire of two injury ;but e ,e ,my birthday ,so the yen Wang .
A wood star for God ,a combined trip has ,the jealous God has students Geng RI main weaken the strength of a fortune ,played a good role ,so is the rich life .Wang with fire ,Koki ,Toraki as God party ,other :Shen ,oneself ,e ,e is jealous of God .
1yen,analysis of Mong decline :Wang ,Wang is jealous and printing body ,that this diploma is not high . Being flourishing, with officer ,officer Sihuo two injured ,the official body flourishing printing as a jealous ,he g mother.
A wood star although far away from the Lord ,but a combined trip has been soil ,And Yin is a root ,a good effect ,life is born rich life. Father a wood wealth is God ,than the mother ,father than the mother of life ,capable.
Wealth generation that marriage ,marriage .Example :Geng Wu Xin Wei Ren Shen GUI you Dayun Jia Xu Ren Shen Yun, Shen alloy trip with God has been the fire officer star ,the job is not suitable ,when not official .
GUI you luck, unitary and tripping, jealous of God e soil ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com,when time is filled (i.e. ,when Chen ) is good. Jia Xu Yun, a life with God is bureau of property ,this win big money .
Example: Mao Zedong :kill character seal GUI Si Jia Zi Ding You Jia Chen analysis yen Mong decline and ,jealous of God .This character the yen weak ,weak support on printing ,printed by water ,power is small ,not from the weak .
With God a Si ( not like to use ) ,jealous of God ( the stem reduced word ,directly with the day stem effect) :decane ,son ,unitary ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,e . From the character can be seen: the Lord is the official children ,G ,rich ,marriage is not suitable .
Character decides all 2,a comprehensive analysis on the main character of weak ,two a wooden printing birth ,Ji ,printing and month force, a good role, should be good .Yinwang representative Wencai ,two seals ,expository writing to have many achievements.
In dry seal force (a wooden seat while water ,decane and students A) decane water Qisha Jane then on the main role ,Qisha Representative Officer ,right ,the first ( yes ,deputy ,small power ) for the military attache ,killing power.
This life decane water Qisha have monthly ,and unitary ,the largest force ,so the officer ( officer killed .Both for the use of in order to avoid ,the role of good or bad and the good and bad ;government-owned magnifico ,who killed the role of fault property in size.
) the first a printed with decane water killing power, Guan Sheng printing ,the printing for printing .Right than robbery ,brothers ,is God ,but has been the fire in the month is weak ,the main brothers is not good ,G ( g brothers brothers are various: Well ,don go the right way ,see the sick ,poor ,prison ,death etc.
) .Water in the home and the unitary ,so water grams Sihuo very heavy ,that brother easy death. The unitary gold father of wealth ,is jealous of God ,near dry day ,and father of a bad relationship ,often be small .
Mother recognised Koki Kiko on Wang ,mother is pretty ,and close to the dry day ,and mother of good feelings .Chen and unitary ,and do not change, Chen force reduction ,unitary booster ,unitary bad effect is greater wife ,the bad effects .
( sat down with God ,sit down and jealous of God the most vicious ) 3,life authority ,Dayun ,fleeting three interaction character life authority decides everything .Transport (Universiade .
) on life authority has profit and loss function .First Dayun role, role and function results in life .( role :G and relief for consumption ) destiny rule happens, mainly to large ,annual supplement, fleeting fleeting role through Dayun ,no direct action life authority .
When destiny rule will not take effect when fleeting life ,direct action .(such as when Dayun void when destiny rule ,had no effect on life authority ) destiny rule action, and the fate of bureau of the Universiade .
No part. ( i.e. Bureau back g Dayun .) such as :on the main weak ,Guan g body ,Hurting Officer leakage of body be jealous of God ,go to political career years, certainly ,disaster, or work with.
Will not be because of Hurting Officer back Keyun officer should be good. ( if money in the health officer ,Dayun fleeting encounter property ,can be promoted .As if no money ,money is not obvious in students ,actual ) transport is life in words or relationship in Dayun .
This stage debut .As auspicious should be fierce fierce auspicious ,for example: Jia Shen Geng Chen Wu Yin Ji Si Jia Xu ,has years of rich in Dayun ( because the original life authority has a role in a financial role is ,preferably in Shen Yun ,) .
Si years ,Shen and tripped by God ,so this year should be bad. Dayun Fleeting time and effect ,to be virtual function .When the Universiade ,fleeting a word and life authority in a word occurs when the word penalty punch ,for life in words for it.
Such as :fleeting hydroxyzine Punch Board of Si ,although hydroxyzine in bureau of imaginary ,but now ,due to it is real .But due to the yen will be virtual. Dayun only fleeting fleeting role, reducing stress, time to direct action life authority ,have the following situations: A ,time and fortune than robbery .
B ,actual effect ,time for God .C ,time and Power Bureau of life word consistency and reducing the stress .D ,Dayun is empty when death .E ,imaginary ,fleeting reinforcement .F ,year carry e ugly see Hai ,Chen did not meet water ,not a see has been the fire ,Dayun ,fleeting are direct role in life .
10,Dayun fleeting time function, role of the results and the life of bureau of the four heavenly stems and four earthly branches were happened ,so can be in the same year a number of things.
An important conclusion interrupted :Fanbi robbery ,officer killed ,fresh injury on life authority of God or jealous of God has good effect ,with God ,jealous of God represented by one officer .
Where fortune on life authority in God or jealous of God has good effect ,with God ,and God is represented by the relationship Make a fortune. Where printed star life authority of God ,and God has good effect ,with God ,jealous of God represents one degree high ,famous ,highly qualified ,head is good .
If than robbery ,officer killed ,indigestion ,Indian Star ,fortune to life with God ,and the administration of the God has bad effect ,with God ,jealous of God represented by the one in such aspects should be bad.
Finance officer injury than if the stem has good effect ,I had these good. Otherwise these aspects of evil. Fanbi robbed for use in life Bureau Wang on students ,representing than .
The one officer . Where food injury as used in the day near the dry day and not subject to master the people ,rich and noble ,indigestion more flourishing ,when more big, rich and more food ,goods .
For relief food wound wound ,not rich nor noble ;children jinx .Printing style case injured ,I have no diploma ,children than for a robbery .Hence ,colleague ,friend relationship is not good .
This is fierce than robbery ,robbery and not good. Than for ,near dry day ,is jealous of God life authority does not appear, brothers ,friends and reliable than for the Bureau of kalpas .
Not now ,than rob is jealous brother ,friend of bureau in unreliable than robbery Bureau .It appears ,transport for the auspicious time, multiple master pick up property ;not now than robbery Bureau ,carry out Now when the LORD was fierce ,cheat .
Qisha ,shoulder to shoulder ,representing the leading, enterprise ,The Democratic Progressive Party take spell an election strength spell economy.,the God of cookery ,powerful ,robbing ,Hurting Officer .Officer representing small officer ,direct leadership ,government departments ,units ,the official boss .
Virtual on : example: Gui Si Jia Zi Ding You Jia Chen character in word called the true God (not including daily stem ) .Character not present in the word is called the false gods (including dry day ) .
The true God and practical God and jealous of God .God and God imaginary imaginary and imaginary jealous of God .This character ,on the main weak ,your God :a practical ,Si is jealous of God :decane ,sub ,unitary ,Chen 16 othercharacters are called virtual God.
Virtual :B ,C ,D ,l ,C, a ,D ( not ,on stem ) .Virtual bogey :e ,G ,spice ,Ren has ,,ugly ,Shen ,hydroxyzine .Practical God should be down, is jealous of God should be fierce.
False god Dayun should be fierce, imaginary jealous of God should be .In the example above ,Dayun life authority ,decane water is actually jealous of God ,but in life plays a good role of bureau ,decane student a wood is a good thing ,in decane Dayun ,a fleeting should be down .
Decane Dayun ,Ding ( D for .Dry day ) ,J G D bad. Water is jealous of God ,his character has the characteristics of Qisha ,naturally aggressive .Decane water passes have good effect ,when leading officials not Shun Shun .
The main outer environment. This character ,unitary property in on the main seat ,her jealous of God ,the Chen ,marriage is not suitable .Go to the worst years of shipment, G wife heaviest.
Shen Yun ,Kim Shin trip has been the fire ,Go back to childhood......,is g brotha .Practical utility ( the same year ,Dayun ) ,should be big . Really jealous Dayun ,fleeting (same ) ,real and should be fierce.
Virtual with Dayun ,virtual use what (the same) ,should be fierce. As above :Dayun ,Bing Chen Bing Chen fleeting ,Lord of death. ( C for virtual ,Chen soil to avoid ) ( 4)virtual avoid Dayun ,virtual bogey fleeting (same ) ,should be down .
As above :Dayun ,Ji Wei Ji Chou fleeting ,DGC ( inauguration ) .Their virtual bogey. Practical operation, practical time ( not the same) ,the role of good and bad results .Avoid Dayun ,real ( not the same) ,avoid fleeting to effect the good or bad fortune.
Practical Dayun ,real and fleeting ,to effect changes. Results on real bogey Dayun ,practical effect on time, with good or bad fortune. And is only refers to dry day ,whether virtual bogey or virtual ,as long as the life with God good effect ,should be auspicious year transportation regardless .
And ,when life Bureau in the word ,the word for years carry on .Empty dead Theory :to check on a void ,void of no Analysis on the character ,could not be considered . The support is not empty dead ,Dayun empty empty void to fill ,fleeting appearance ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,when meeting Chong ,Dayun ,punishment ,up.
As Dayun Si void ,when the years ,Yin ,Shen years ,has been the fire up. When life Bureau of void ,big run into the void ,is void . Example: Ji You Geng Wu GUI You Yi Mao this life Bureau Xu Hai empty ,when transported in garrison or Haishi is still empty .
Example: Jia Xu Ji Hai GUI You Ren Xu Yueling ,when Xu is void ,annual branch Hai empty space is null. Now can be seen as decane water sitting in Ohio ,this life authority from Jango ,life is a multi-millionaire ,the unitary will hideaway water.
With God on air is not good, jealous of God every empty auspicious . The original life authority hollow ,word ,fleeting filled it in the original life authority in visual the role of reverse fault and good or bad fortune.
The original life authority do not appear in the void word ,in Dayun appear still to void on the fleeting appearance .But also the good and bad filling line. 3,the original life authority with Shenkong dead matter ,avoid Shenkong died down, void filled with God ,shall mean void filling ;jealous of God should be auspicious .
( on dry day favorable void word ,filling should be fierce ;on the day of dry harmful words ,filling should be auspicious . Regardless of the true and filled .Two months is broken .
) inside and outside environment of heavenly representative environment such as :foreign ,outside the unit ,in vitro ,the material world ,far earthly representative environment such as :home ,home ,this unit ,the spirit world ,near.
Do should be in transportation ,wealth ,friends ,family and co-workers .Beyond the earthly branches should do more .I body ,family ,work ,tired easily aspects of officer killed ,confounding confounding confounding ,Pianyin is wealth is mixed ,rob ,had confounding confounding than when used for God ,confounding should Ji; as jealous of God ,should be a confounding confounding .
Regardless of actual situation ,according to the theory. ( regardless of whether there is life Bureau ) when confounding both having a party for the real God ,shall ,should be fierce degree is very heavy.
When confounding both to false gods ,shall ,should mean to a lesser degree. Cases ;Jia Zi Gui Si Jia Chen Ding you shipped in decane ,Ren years ,officer killed confounding ,should be fierce.
In operation ,the years ,or the transport ,son ,called earthly officer killed confounding ,should also be fierce. Example :Xin Mao Geng Chen Bing Wu Ren Chen this life authority for officials from the grid ,original life authority Geng Xincai as useful God confounding ,property on DGC ,rich fleeting time again meets Geng Xin .
Dayun ,big hair .Hybrid theory regardless of strength ,no matter If have . The original life authority without the confounding ,Dayun fleeting encounter ,also called hybrid ,is also rich ,but with the original life authority have confounding than .
Ten Heavenly Stems interaction A, sex drive ,heterosexual and force is small .( breaking pattern height ) such as: a student C .Force greater than B C power. B ,isotropic or anisotropic force ,G force .
Such as: jacket of the force is greater than the b g e force. Five same-sex students g and heterosexual students G force size, in determining the pattern height ,size ,size ,have rich period is very important for C sooner or later .
Hence ,five ( the most important ,the most obvious ) such as :the force of decane and jacket not by force !Hop and split and combined trip ::five the property changed .Trip :is not called in trip (mostly in tripping over with God ) .
Should be tough, become jealous of God should be good .And in 1 ,the original life authority integration ,stumbling ,and if .2 wascombined ,and tripped over .3 ,Dayun and fleeting Hopewell ,trip .
The stem five line and combination stumbles ,generally have happened ,and it is obvious things. The twelve Earthly Branches ,Yin Hai and role of A tripped ,rain before the double side force reduction ,not rendezvous of success ;after a rain ,Yin booster ,The force reduction .
B ,not afternoon ,afternoon force reduction ,without boosting .C ,unitary Chen ,Chen force reduction ,unitary reinforcement .D ,their work ,their work force reduction ,boosting .E, ugly ,both force reduction .
( ugly gold ,not obscure the fire) F ,Si Shen ,both force reduction .( who force ,who cuts force ) example :Yi You Bing Xu Ren Xu GUI Mao from the official lattice ,Mao Xu ,Xu booster ,their role .
In Dayun ,Ren Wu Ding Mao ,Mao was Kenneth fire relief should be fierce, a bereaved mother .In Xin Si Dayun ,Ji Mao ,Mao was Si discharge should also be tough, burglary .Yin Si on life :1,have the fire ,when .
2 whenSi is jealous of God .3 ,Yin Si in the Bureau of co-occurrence ,Si and weak also Aioi ,but must be adjacent .Yin Si on Penalty :1,has been the fire weak .2 ,Si is God ,has been the fire flame encounter Yin wood also criminal .
3 ,Yin Si in the Bureau in different now .( when two conditions when there is contradiction ,to see third conditions ) three Bureau three bureau is not easy and successful .Three trip ,three are reduced by force ,force reducing maximum ,Chen Xu ugly is not adjusted .
The original life lost. Bureau of transport to initiate ,years no .Three in game ,such as a character is injured, not nor stumble ,according to analysis of the relationship between the normal grams .
Life game character and destiny rule three in trip In life ,the word is year Transportation Bureau hold on ,and transported whether tripped .When the Universiade and life authority in two adjacent word formation three trip should be of good and bad is not obvious ,only the annual appears again a tripped over words ,should be good .
Such as: year ,month of Shen ,Chen ,as the Hopewell .Chen ,confinement ,Shen ,is close .Following as :year ,month trip Shen D, days ,years Shen ,confinement ,when their time on ,three words in the air when death is not a bureau ;God cannot be injured.
Example :Ji Wei Ding Chou Ji Mao Ren Yin Yi Hai Hai Mao in Dayun ,not to stumble .Ban He Shen sub hemizygous ,can be thought of as son of water ,water Wang . The unitary ugly hemizygous :when the unitary is jealous of God ,ugly unitary .
When unitary with God ,ugly tripped unitary .( when the unitary in life authority in destiny rule ,ugly ,too ) has been unitary regardless of trip .Wang tomb in hemizygous Bureau ,bureau of sports can become ,God not flourishing not bureau.
God is very weak ,sometimes into the trip ,both force reduction ,but little Yue Fei character :Gui Wei Yi Mao Jia Zi Ji Si d not half wood board ,this is from Jango . Than robbery for Wang ,officer .
Three Bureau three Bureau of powerful, but the requirements strictly. Must be date Pro will God ,bureau of grams of God. Such as :year ,month ,day Chen Yin bases ,will successfully .
Shen Youxu three ,due to a brittle gold ,not easy to be . Example: Geng Shen Yi You Geng Chen Ji Mao (d empty ) this life authority not be ,is flourishing with money .Life g brothers ;when D fill in real-time ,good things example: Ren Xu Ji You Geng Shen Ji Mao as Xu has Ren hijab ,a brittle gold force reduction ,Shen Youxu three will become the bureau from Jango .
Bases for money ,is jealous of God by his father for college students ,.Special rules :rain before Yin wood and special weak ( born fire is very small ) ,after a rain Yin upright .
Example :Ren Chen Bing Chen Bing Yin Ji you dry rain before birth) this life authority from weak grid . If no country is weak ,as on the main weak ,because Chen Hui large fire, therefore ,can not be broken on the main business .
Example: Kun Wu Shen Jia Yin Ji Wei Jia Zi made empty ) bureau of this life main weak ,officer is jealous ,but in the rain before the Yin wood is very weak ,Koki must also weak ,so the husband HISTEP long ,beautiful water wealth star is jealous ,but empty dead ,so I am rich life.
Ren Zi Dayun ,Geng Wu years dead father. Chongke Yin wood ,Yin weaker if not ,Shen ,Yin is also weak. A has a jinx ( body is weak ,officer .Officer fit inauspicious Yuewang more fierce .
) the rain before ,Toraki is hydroxyzine ,more and more weak character analysis of septal do not function ,Day and day ,earthly and supporting role. The hijab, cut foot force is very small.
Tonggen ,since sat root force, other less force. Through Coogan is stronger than Tonggen power. Such as :Si Zi Bing Xu C through a base power greater than C Tonggen Si force stronger than Bing Xu Bing Wu .
See a big force C ,d see without force .( see and ) tomb library on dried in a tomb library month ,not flourishing theory. By helping the male stem is equal to a force of 0 ,both Yang dry in the day which place.
Such as: a student before the month ,C in Qu born in a month by month ,cyproheptadine ,born in ugly months ,Mibu on e month ,this month than dried weak .Yang day dry see years ,days ,when the library ,through Coogan .
Such as: G Shengchou years ,Tonggen .G Shengchou month not flourishing ,G .Its flourishing degree is larger than 50%, the work on Wang ,born a month was not flourishing ,Ding Huosheng Xu Yue not flourishing is not weak .
Yin dry day in Chen Xu ugly not months ,with G .Bing Xu ,Ding Wei ,Ren Chen Gui Chou ,for Tonggen personal library ,if not two times more prosperous .Injuries ,are generally excluded from .
There are :Ji Wei ,Wu Xu ,Xin Chou ,Geng Chen ,is also quite effective . A and B see Chen Xu ugly not all of money ;a and B in Chen Xu ugly not months weak. God every tomb library should not Good or bad fortune.
(as the god fire on a old shipment, not to fire into the tomb should be fierce ) Shao Weihua book cases ;Yi Chou Xin Si Xin Mao Xin Mao Kun :Dayun Ren Wu GUI Wei Jia Shen Yi you :Ding Hai Bing Xu Shao said ;in Ding Hai Dayun ,Ren Xu years dead husband.
( actually not in Ding Hai Dayun die fiance) this life authority on the main weak ,using their ugly .Wood has been the fire ,it is home ,so has been the fire officer Wang ,quebracho .
If it is in the Ding Hai Hai Chong Dayun ,jealous of God has been the fire ,this should not be a dead husband. So ,said Ding Hai Dayun dead husband is wrong. It should be in the Bing Xu fortune ,Ren Xu years dead husband.
This character is born g husband ,but because life Bureau has ugly dark has been the fire ,not her husband immediately should be fierce, only to a shipment ( make ugly injuries ) ,husband should be fierce.
GUI Wei Yun, ugly without opposition ,ugly injuries should gram ,husband ,but at this time, may not marry, or natural is the late marriage life ,so no driver Keke; or may not work with her husband ,not shun .
( bureau of life is jealous of God ,the first step ,second step Dayun should not only meet the fierce ;jealous of God most fierce ,the first step to be fierce. ) in Dayun Bing Xu Yun, a punishment the ugly ,ugly injuries ,but also catch up with Ren Xu fleeting ,two a penalty for an ugly ,has been the fire officer star The most dangerous time .
In addition ,the two work together again their two sockets ,her jealous of God ,chummage jealous of God ,in the property is good. Two work and on the main virtual bogey Dayun ,virtual bogey time, should be in the property should be good.
Chen ugly side of Wuji ( wet soil the soil without help ) .Chen Geng Xin Shen unitary ugly students .In life authority ,Chen ugly to adjacent Shen unitary ,connective not Aioi.
In day ,Chen ugly to any position of cyproheptadine Sinkin . Such as: ugly Xin Xinchou on two Xin was born ,ugly representative on the main mother ,that he the mother of his brother relationship than on himself .
Chen ugly dark fire not grams of water. ( dark fire force is greater than the water overcomes fire force ) A ,Chen Hui ugly only adjacent Si afternoon fire. B ,Chen ugly dark day to any location on the third Ding fire.
C ,in life authority the ugly and the adjacent South ,no part. Ugly adjacent most conforming stumbling Chen sub adjacent ,is a monthly ,on integration ;not for home and stumble .
Bureau of water for a long time, Chen ugly with water .Water refers to the number of water due to give birth this month .Such as :the child ugly hydroxyzine ( ugly as water ) at the ugly gold .
Example: Xin Hai Xin Chou Geng Chen Geng Chen weak ,on the main weak ,sealed .Not Xu can help Wuji soil ( but not helping to work due to give birth this month ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,e soil ) .Not a soil crisp golden ,crisp The force is greater than the fire grams of gold force ( in earthly ,not Xu to brittle adjacent Shen Youjin ;in the day ,the location of all gold can not brittle ) Xu g water ( septal branch can not vent ) ,fire (not a can do water) A ,did not work and has been the fire .
,not a booster ,and has been the fire is not decreased .B ,Xu see afternoon afternoon fire ,fire due to give birth this month order theory ,Kenneth fire booster ,and other on the trip, both force reduction .
C ,no lunch ,not force ,Kenneth force reduction . Bureau of fire for a long time, not to fire on the garrison .A tomb ,in terms of years ,days ,when ,for the consumption of the body ,not to help the body.
( don Tonggen ,not a fortune ) dry day for C D ,nonane decane ,see Chen ugly ,ugly with water on Chen .( see Chen ugly B ,Chen the ugly by money .Geng Jin Jianchen ugly ,ugly to print on Chen ) dry day C D ,G ,see not a ,not to fire on a dry day of his work .
No ,not a theory than sb. (E in a month except on nonyl decyl weak ) do not see Xu ,not work sometimes the officer ,sometimes by money . Such as: no no GUI Wei not ;Xu Xu Ren Xu .
Above two cases ,not grams of water ,not on the main nonane decane Xu is the officer. Such as :a unitary Ren Yin Xu ;without Shen Guimao .Above two cases ,work is not directly Rengui grams ,at this time Xu not to fire on ,Xu is not a master .
Decane windfall .Chen :Chen Xu Xu ugly without opposition ,not at the ugly ,ugly Xu square ,Chen ugliness help ,Xu did not help ,Chen and not any effect .As God is Chen ,ugly should also be good.
Shade no tomb library said ,drying in the shade of a tomb library to shade and tomb library overcomes the relations of Mong decline . Example: a month ,B ,Xu to property theory .
Example: the ugly months ,Ding ,Ding to ugly dark fire theory has been in ugly months ,oneself is weak .When birthday month ,Xin Wang GUI students not months ,decane .Chen weak .
A ugly no four tomb library ,can only same-sex stems roots. Such as : e so roots, rather than decane root ,namely Chen not helping decane water .C in not months ,and Ding Sheng in a month on weak.
Four tomb library and three ,three directors ,three trip when the tomb library ,four adjustable climate of lost. Four tomb library and Liuhe: child ugly ,ugly unitary Chen ,Chen loss adjustable Hou power.
Not afternoon together ,their work ,not a transfer time force increased. Mao Yin wood g e Qu ugly without soil, can only hurt the soil ,and does not affect the transfer time of .
Such as: Mao Yin G Chen Chou period ,just e ugly gives birth to gold ,but still dark fire. Four tomb library meets the penalty when rushing ,adjustable time of loss ,soil is also injured .
Yen Mong decline judgement method in element and elements overcomes the relations Tingri stem Mong decline ,by decision date Stem Mong decline power by 50%.when helping day dry ,dry day 50%flourishing may ,at this point in the month when dry ,dry ,Sino-Japanese another helps dry day ,yen to Wang .
When monthly g leakage on consumption when dry ,dry day with 50% weak may ,at this time, in the month ,day ,when a dry dry and then have a G leak consumption dry day ,yen to weak theory.
When by two injuries ,Yueling on stem Mong decline influence is less than 50% ,at this time, Yueling restraint dry day ,dry day with flourishing ;by helping dry day ,day stem with weak theory.
By either the two or three wounded ,injured ,power still . When by two injured :life support Japan in dry condition ,two injured have the following three cases: A ,for the order of two words if all help dry day ,Lord still flourishing.
B ,made by two characters if not help dry day ,on the main weak ,but never from the weak .C ,made by two words if for a dry day ,not a help dry day ,master in most cases are flourishing, also sometimes weak ,but never from weak example: Jia Yin Yi Hai Yi Mao Ji Mao while the two injury, master not only flourishing, and the day master-slave strong.
Example :Jia Wu Ding Mao Bing Xu Ren Chen although sockets two injuries ,but Master Wang Xin Si Bing Chen Geng Chen Geng Chen .Example :has been the fire two injuries ,on the main weak ,but not from the weak .
Example: Xin Hai Ren Wu Wu Chen Ji Wei afternoon fire two injuries ,on the main weak ,but not from the weak . Example: Wu Xu GUI Hai Jia Yin Yi Hai Hai two injuries ,Master Wang ,but not from Wang .
Example: Yi Mao Ding Hai Jia Xu Ji Si Hai two injuries ,on the main weak . When by two injured, by G out consumption dry day : A ,made by two words, if not help dry day ,dry day still weak on .
B ,made by two words if it helps ,on dry ,dry day with flourishing on .C ,made by two words, if for a dry day ,a help dry day ,dry day still weak theory, but generally not from weak .
Example: Ren Yin Xin Hai Bing Chen Wu Yin Hai two injuries ,day stem from weak GUI Wei Ren Zi Wu Wu Wu Chen .Example :Kenneth fire two injuries ,on the main weak. With Ren Zi Chen .
Example: Jia Yin Bing Zi Bing Xu Bing Shen water two injuries ,but on the main business . Example: Ding Wei Wu Shen Ding Wei Geng Chen Shen two injuries ,but dry day flourishing . Example: Yi Mao Yi You Wu Wu Geng Shen unitary two injury ,on the main weak ,but not from the weak .
Example: Gui Mao Xin You Ren Chen Bing Zi unitary two injuries ,from weak ( the following is the first surface .Give examples of classes :Ren Shen Wu Shen Ji Wei Jia Shen ) cases of students on the 50%day ,weak ,water consumption on the stem ,sit down gold drain dry day ,so the yen weak.
( but not from weak Ji Wei ) cases ;Geng Wu Yi Mao Ji You Gui you this life authority on the main weak ,( g Youyou root from example :Dry ) :Jia Shen Geng Chen Wu Yin Ji Si this life authority has been the fire of two injury ,Master Wang .
Wang ,with official Sihuo ,official ( though Si officer two injuries ) was flourishing, a property ,a person ,a good effect ,so it is the rich life .Wang ,printed for the bogey ,Yinwang ,G mother.
Father than mother longevity cases :Jia Yin Bing Zi Bing Xu Bing Shen month subspace of two injuries ,Master Wang .( student years supporting Yin for injured patients Xin Wei Bing Yin Ji Chou Jia Yin ) :this life authority on the main business .
( Mao Yin wood before the month is weak ,chocolate this life is the two ) Bureau Yin g without soil ,but chocolate is not ,is not two times wounded . Example: Wu Xu Xin you Geng Chen Ding Chou on the main business .
( unitary is an injury ) example :Bing Zi Geng Chen GUI You Jia Yin on the main business ,with fresh injury Jia Yin .(not from ) example :Geng Chen Jia Zi Ji Chou Jia Zi in order to master weak fault ,quasi !Cases :Gui Mao Ding Si Geng Shen Ji Mao on the main weak cases ;Xin Hai Xin Chou Geng Chen Ding Si on the main weak cases ;Geng Chen Bing Zi Bing Xu J Si ( after a rain ) on the main .
C in Yin on Wang ,and Xu ,have roots, so Master Wang .Life is poor ,to have the official disaster .Cases ;Jia Yin Bing Zi Bing Xu Bing Shen on the main business ,( sub two injuries ) judge &quot ;from the &quot ;when life Bureau of life support Japan stem strength is finance officer wounded restraint, dry day from strong.
When life authority in grams of leakage on consumption dry strength were printed than restraint, on stem not from weak . Example: Ren Wu Jia Yin Wu Zi Ji you because l printed grams of unitary ,so do not from the weak .
Ding ( SI ) :Wu Zi Geng Chen Jia Shen Shen quilt discharge ,Shen not water ,so is from weak .One unified formula for calculating charming beauty ,God weak ugly. God meets students do ,God is not dry.
Avoid bar ugly ,avoid neurasthenic .Jealous of God every student, not dry ,no status ,jealous of God subject ,capable, have position. For God but if not now ,not good. As jealous of God but if not now ,good special law :one is jealous of God due to give birth this month to flourishing and not every student, master the relationship and incompetent.
One for God due to give birth this month to Wang not every student, beautiful and capable. One is jealous of God due to give birth this month to flourishing and every student, ugly and not dry.
1,God sat with root or rotary health ,God represents one tall . 2,jealous of God sat with root or rotary health ,jealous of God represents one short. 3,God is serious ,the Lord himself God represents the body ill.
4,avoid bar and meets students master himself ,jealous of God represented by the body part 5,ill .Life in Taipei ,bureau ,the Lord himself looks good ,tall ,Chittagong .6,life in sports ,not jealous of God sits down ,the Lord himself is short ,ugly ,Ji .
7,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com However,with God in the earthly and heavenly without seedlings ,God represents one short in the earthly and heavenly stems .Jealous of God without seedlings ,jealous God on behalf of the Liuqin is tall.
8,lines of earthly good luck ,good health ,fat ;row number bad luck ,bad health ,thin case :dry :Gui Mao Ding Si Geng Shen Ji Mao on the main weak ,with Shen ,avoid decanoate .D Ding Si ho decane G D Guanqi good effect ,life is an officer ,but the officer is very small.
But also can be said to be working well. A ,decane water child actress is jealous of God is weak, grow well, a high. Decane made D officer ,that children have the ability to hurt B ,Ji ,officer .
Uki Masatakara in the month not flourishing ,the main wife beauty ;Mao jealous of God in heavenly stems without seedlings ,high ;Mao jealous of God from the dry day ,and wife of good feelings ;their life has been the fire bad effect ,wife of C without ability ,Their mother for sports ,mother beautiful ;sit down by G ,is not high .
D ,Shen brothers for God not flourishing ,appearance is not good ;the Si g ,officer injury jinx .E ,Bureau in two of their wealth ,not to have two wives ,can be said that his wife has multiple personalities example: dry :Ding Wei Wu Shen Ding Wei Geng Chen made him prosperous, with glutaric Shen G.
Avoid Ding Wei Xu .A ,e ho for near a dry day ,heavenly stems and no official star ,who officials but official .B ,G by Wang ,but when in the garrison system ,his wife looks good but no ability Shen Jin San .
Due to injury, his short life .G in stem ,feeling good. Sit Xu G by soil crisp ,not tall ,the wages is not high .C ,work unit size at the official star sit down ,no official star see ho sit down.
This life e sit Shen Jin ,little D unit .Ding Huo is jealous of God ,brother down roots, not tall ;d be e vent is auspicious ,but e vent D force is very small ,so the brothers have ,just work .
E ,this life without a diploma .( light on ) to help curb access 1,where life authority in the word in Chinese fleeting time debut ,force in the original life authority in the measure ,the word in the original life authority of strong, in the years operation will have much power.
2,heavenly Ji and earthly branches ., is better not to become good ,and failed. The heavenly stems and branches fierce auspicious ,be defeated without fail ,to murder and no fierce.
3,when life office in good combination in Yun years appear ,folded. When life Bureau of bad combination in Yun years appear ,should be fierce. Example :dry Wu Xu Xin you Geng Chen Ding Hai :(L is not empty ) this life authority on the main business ,with Yin Xu Ding Hai .
Xu g unitary g effect ,officer .Yin property sits down and hydroxyzine ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,wealth through the portal ,is the rich life . The unitary g Yinzhi force greater than the students Yin force ,therefore ,is also easy to lose extra money .
The unitary gold brother due to give birth this month ,brother looks good, but e living symplectic ,brother cannot do. Ding for God sits hydroxyzine ,work units are small. Ren Xu Yun, work for God ,when no disease .
GUI Hai Yun, hideaway for use God ,in a good environment. Jia Zi Yun, a centime fire Ji .E ,e ,e wounded jacket not symplectic ,brother test school. Yi Chou Dayun ,ugliness penalty Xu, officialdom adverse .
Wu Yin ,Yin God in place ,my finances ;b g e, e not symplectic ,brother good .Bing Yin Yin Dayun ,God in place ,ten years of finances ;C ,and stumbles ,brother good .Ding Mao Dayun ,inside and outside environment are good.
Wu Chen Yun, Wu is jealous ,jealous of God ,born of God ,G vent D ,Swindon works of students Unitary ,the canal is very fierce. Example :Ren Wu Jia Yin Wu Zi Ji you dry :due to Kenneth g unitary ,this life is not from a weak, is weak ,lunch .

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