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At the third Asian habitat international summit starting ceremon

Time :June 8, 2010 15: 00place:Chinese living room hosts :Asian habitat association secretary-general Xiao Xi guests :Zhang Yuan end :Asian habitat association director ,China real estate research honorary vice chairman and the habitat and Environment Committee Chairman Wang Yongbin :Asian habitat Association vice chairman ,China Academy of real estate residential environment executive vice chairman and Secretary General of the open-yen :Asian habitat Association vice chairman ,China real estate research habitat and Environment Committee Vice Chairman and the team leader Huang Shiqian :Georgia international ,Beijing Georgia vice president Chen Shun :China sports Olympic Garden management group president generation Byeong-chun :living area of extensive sea international technical director Wang Hao :Xu Hui group assistant general manager the following forum live host Xiao Xi : ladies and gentlemen, media friends ,good afternoon everyone !Welcome to &quot ;green residential sustainable development forum and the Third Asia Habitat International Summit launched &quot ;,honored as the host today ,please allow me to to introduce you to attend this activity Asian habitat Association Related to leadership and industry representatives :(Introduction to guest host Xiao Xi ) Thank you very much for taking the time to our living room to participate in this activity.
Asia as the world ,the largest area ,economic development the most active areas ,city process has entered a rapid development stage ,the complex of Asian countries already .To take advantage of rapid city brings the economic ,social development opportunities ,but also the face of rapid city brings the population ,resource ,energy ,More Details,environment ,social harmony and other problems .
Asian habitat environment construction need breakthrough. Asia habitat environment construction need to seek more healthy green mode ,through the national ,the region between the joint efforts ,construction and sustainable development of human settlements.
We activity also is in such a background born. Forum Moderator: Asian habitat association secretary-general Xiao Xi Xiao Xi host following first please Asian habitat association director ,China real estate research honorary vice chairman of the habitat and Environment Committee Chairman Mr.
Zhang Yuan to address the activity . Zhang Yuan dear to Bin ,dear friends :Good afternoon everyone ! Zhang Yuan is happy to have the chance to get together ,discuss &quot ;green living ,sustainable development &quot ;hot topic.
First of all ,on behalf of the annual meeting of the Asian habitat association to attend this meeting guests and friends express enthusiastic welcome ! Zhang Yuan end of 2009 Copenhagenglobal climate conference puts forward with low energy consumption ,low pollution ,low emission economy ,low carbon economy, has already caused the wide attention of hitherto unknown .
The development of low carbon economy ,constructing green and livable planet around the world has become a consensus. The human economic and social development has entered into the a respect for nature ,cherish environment in new era.
Zhang Yuan in the end we Asian countries ,along with the rapidly economic development ,the living environment of Asian generation recuperate and build up strength ,being made to the proud progress and improve .
But Asian countries economic activity, with large population ,city is changed dramatically accelerated process of the situation ,but also to achieve a low carbon ,livable environment construction goal brings a lot of difficulties.
The housing shortage ,inadequate infrastructure ,lack of energy resources ,deterioration of ecological environment , disaster such as diminished capacity to various problems ,are to varying degrees to haunt us, thus promoting Asian habitat construction ,realize the human settlements sustainable building imminent .
&quot ;Third Asian Habitat International Summit &quot ; Zhang Yuan start end face of our city landscape construction problems, China real estate research habitat and Environment Committee will be combined with Japan city hall ,UN-Habitat regional office for Asia and the Pacific ,Asian habitat association and several other large institution jointly set up the international cooperation project on mm city landscape evaluation system ,hope that through the study of the landscape construction of city ,including the Japanese city of Fukuoka city landscape management for twenty years the beneficial experience ,summed up the reference information ,in order to promote the Asian urban landscape to improve the overall and sustainable .
We plan this year will be held on September of the Third Asia habitat environment ,this forum will focus on low carbon economy under the sustainable development of human settlements construction ,for the release of green building livable Asia and development of urban landscape the latest progress in depth research ,discuss how to through the urban landscape construction and promote the city image City ,environment and urban landscape ,as the Asian city in world city arena competition increase the bargaining chip .
Zhang Yuan end of this forum by Asian habitat summit ,UN-Habitat Asia-Pacific office ,Fukuoka city hall ,Singapore livable city research center jointly sponsored by China ,Singapore ,from China ,Japan ,,South Korea ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo is the real love life,Thailand ,India state representative ,business representatives ,city planning and design elite to participate in ,is the Asian economy environment sustainable development strategic experience exchange event, aimed at Asian low carbon living situation pulse ,hope a person with breadth of vision to participate in this forum ,to create beautiful asian !Asian habitat association director ,China real estate research honorary vice chairman and the habitat and Environment Committee Chairman Zhang Yuan end End Zhang Yuan finally I wish the cause of be on the upgrade of China Habitat environment ,Chinese city changes construction in the path of sustainable development is volant fly ! Xiao Xi thanks Zhang Yuan end host of wonderful speech.
Next, I will be with all of you discuss about &quot Asian habitat association ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot green Asia ;action plan . compere Xiao Xi twenty-first Century is human society in a new era.
In the rapid development of science and technology drive below ,change for the city construction brings new opportunity and challenge ,people look forward to improve the living environment ,but also face the ecological resource failure risk.
host Xiao Xi around Asia ,all efforts to expand the living environment space ,competing for money and enjoy ,it is to reflect the quality of national economy whole and benefit leading position ,Nike Air Force 1 Low,so that the comprehensive national power of relative advantage to promote to a higher level.
In this environment the influence falls ,from Asian countries and regions of the living environment of the area of professionals jointly initiated by &quot ;Asian habitat associations of &quot ;in February 18, 2004 formally established in Hongkong.
host Xiao Xi Asian habitat association is a non-governmental ,non-profit academic organization .Its members mainly from China ,including Hongkong ,Taiwan ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,Macao ,Japan ,Korea ,Singapore ,Malaysia ,India ,Thailand ,Pakistan and other Asian countries and regions ,and some from the United States of America ,Australia ,Britain ,Canada and other countries.
Association since its establishment ,is committed to guide and influence of Asia Delta states concerned about living environment of construction and development, build government ,non-governmental organizations ,the private sector and the international organization of collaboration between the platform ,promote Asia Habitat Environmental Science Theory and the practice research .
Asian habitat Association vice chairman ,China real estate research habitat and Environment Committee Vice Chairman and group leader of group of expert of the open-yen host Xiao Xi around the world city construction ,tourism ,science and technology development industry drive ,are around twenty-first Century the green theme and forward .
2009 Copenhagen global climate conference ,to solve the problem of global climate and presented with low energy consumption ,low pollution ,low emission economic models based on M low carbon economy ,the show in the world before the people .
The development of low carbon economy and has become the world consensus ,promote low carbon consumption has become the world a new way of life .We will together into the low carbon era .The promotion of &quot ;low carbon estate ,build &quot ;&quot ;&quot green habitat ;,urgent need of real estate development new ideas and new transformation .
The summit of &quot ;2010Green Asia&quot ;annual recognition ceremony ,&quot ;green Asia habitat environment prize 2010 &Quot ;and &quot ;2010AsianHuman Settlements sustainable development green Habitat Award &quot ;establish, will focus on the promotion of the sustainable development construction positively ,obviously ,far-reaching ,be in Asia and the world with a demonstration and promotion of the project .
host Xiao Xi in today economy structure ,because of the financial crisis on the United States and European economy huge blow, Asia to take on the important responsibility of driving the global economy ,with the city as the main body of economic fast development, as well as the city between the exchanges and cooperation will become the main trend .
We hope that through &quot ;Asian Habitat International Summit ,&quot ;build a platform for international exchanges, extensive exchange of Asia countries and regions in the city construction gained invaluable experience ,increase the promotion of Asian various places City construction important achievement ,recognition of natural resources and protection of ecological environment ,human settlement environment construction and positive outcomes.
We also hope that the city construction and the managers ,able to actively participate in the activities, actively our construction project and City Declaration ,together to create a beautiful city ,low carbon life .
Thank you ! chair Xiao Xi below enters this activity important link ,&quot ;Third Asian Habitat International Summit &quot ;initiation ceremony unveiling ,invited guests guest host Xiao Xi &quot stage ) ;Third Asian Habitat International Summit &quot ;leadership in all walks of life ,ladies and gentlemen ,the media with the support of friends officially launched ,please present expert on how to utilize the city landscape construction to promote the city to do some analysis and guidance.
End Zhang Yuan urban landscape become city a brand, as the window of the city ,business card ,now along with our country city changes rapid progress ,this problem is becoming more and more important.
Now along with our city development ,city inside large tracts of land to build houses, large areas of the house, big house building ,hand makes our environment has been affected, the natural environment of space is compressed ,gradually affect human environment.
Second our city only to see the house ,see not natural ,so the city changes rapid development ,the city builds rapid development of such a period ,our city landscape building, increasingly referred to Important schedule .
Zhang Yuan now we end many Chinese city has attached great importance to city landscape building ,and some city is spare no effort to build landscape city landscape city .Now we feel the overall development is very rapid ,but there is a problem ,error.
For example just mentioned the city landscape building and city context inheritance appears a very big contradiction ,some city building landscape ,people don city ,nostalgia nostalgic not, is the original context of destruction,Adidas Jeremy Scott, this is a big problem .
There is a historical and cultural city ,except in the books but also remember this is a historical and cultural city ,you to the scene to look, its history and culture in where ?In books ,but not in the actual city .
So this and our city construction to the traditional natural landscape and cultural landscape protection has the very big relations, we are now protected in some city can be said to be very good ,the original the old streets all razed ,replaced ,so in the urban landscape construction appeared to follow the same pattern ,thousands of the city side ,and imitate each other ,so that the city landscape characteristic ,.
Fields are the same square. Asian habitat Association vice chairman ,China real estate research habitat and environment committee committee member of standing vice director and secretary-general Wang Yongbin Zhang Yuan in the end ,in our landscape construction there is a very important problem ,and low carbon economy is violated, waste of resources ,large and improper ,corrupt beg ocean greatly ,some population of city got great square ,land and other resources are wasted ,this phenomenon in some city is also more serious .
At the same time ,in the low carbon economy it also seriously enough ,for instance some city attention or lawn ,and community building ,is attached to the grass is not attach importance to plant trees ,large lawn, but with few trees,Liu Ling's trousers and blog public boundary, and low carbon economy is incompatible with the requirements .
Especially in the city water ,lawn irrigation and so on are the questions . Zhang Yuan there is a problem, we in the city landscape ,there are some low carbon landscape elements are not well application ,for example, we now have some residential areas or have some streets ,has been used for wind power and solar photovoltaic power for lights, I to Wuhan to see ,there is a street is solar photovoltaic power generation ,this is beautiful The environment ,because the model is very good, it is benefit and so on low carbon ,low carbon landscape elements ,has not been well utilized.
I believe in our efforts ,the city landscape is the ID card of the city ,the window ,I believe that through our persistent ,unremitting efforts ,we will certainly be able to make every Chinese city more beautiful !Thank you! open-yen I will add two ,I think the whole world attention at the living environment ,we as Asian should focus or global focus, because we in Asia is the world economy the most active place ,while Asia is also the city changes development the fastest ,and more ,so Asia seems common focus.
the open-yen ,our Chinese real estate development is very rapid ,our city changes very fast ,so today we Asian habitat Association launched green sustainable development of human settlements of the summit ,I think also has very great significance ,from this one day to meet in September so far ,this time should be very good propaganda ,agitation ,in living environment which can better to do meaningful work .
open after this period .Time, we Asian habitat associations also did much work ,also in this area there are many plans and intentions ,welcome you ,our entire industry of different regions, developers can act ,into the work.
open-yen as the living environment ,in the past has said ,but human settlement environment research on the habitat and environment Committee ,we include the China Habitat and Environment Committee ,to study the basic level includes three aspects :one is the residential level, is our best application ,developers is concerned ,but also our habitat and Environment Committee key to care about something ,to hold the district environment ,according to the human settlement environment theories and methods to create a very complete ,any person to live, this is our common efforts .
Another level is a city level, the city is a live very important machine ,this machine on our life production development economic development and culture is the larger carrier ,so it will have a direct impact on our side more important ,should say ,so the habitat and Environment Committee raised about city landscape in this entry ,so I think for our real estate business Very important ,and our development projects in the city ,for the city to make contribution for each of us ,at the same time city development zone to provide good external conditions and environment conditions ,so are mutually interactive ,interdependent processes.
the open-yen ,as our city urban landscape ,is very important ,with our residents are closely related ,we study not very profound theoretical ,practical is affixed close to life ,close to each of our developers tangible ,visible things, such as city advertising ,home furnishing ,the city landscape ,greening ,city color ,city living space and so on ,we know about column has seven or eight elements ,these elements does not look great ,but for us to promote the beauty of the city has played a decisive role ,this is very worthy of our attention and participate .
open-yen and I would like to say is that the green low-carbon ,green low carbon is developers for everyone concerned ,everyone concerned ,I believe in our future ten years or even longer ,on the green and low-carbon energy saving building this one must be one of our main direction , creating a living quality ,real estate quality of an important field.
It currently looks development seems to have quickly greatly in each city ,especially the construction in research ,in the discussion, I think this will be our future ten years to develop a very good power .
People now feel now the government should take the policy to suppress ,out of a lot of the policy ,is it right? We would affect the future real estate development? I think not ,why ?I think the policy is mainly directed at the real estate at present unhealthy factors ,such as we present the real estate development structure and function of system is not complete ,we now Gaodangfang ,Gaojiefang occupy a large proportion ,for ordinary commercial housing a small proportion ,low rent housing and affordable housing while the proportion is not big ,but I think not in place ,from the proportion and overall development are not in place, so the whole structure is incomplete ,I believe that through our this adjustment ,our room real estate development will be more and more healthy ,more and more rational .
Xiao Xi Thanks general moderator ,the urban landscape of the topic and the low carbon economy in real estate industry Application ,all give you a simple overview ,sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height .
the next host Xiao Xi has asked Wang Yongbin to the Secretary, please talk about how to use the urban landscape construction to upgrade the city brand ? Wang Yongbin to take part in this activity is very happy ,in four at the end of the time ,we have started a task ,called urban landscape environment evaluation system study ,we start the problem ,we proposed five big goal of building city brand new : Wang Yongbin first is the open innovation ,we put the open innovation goals as urban landscape and the city brand goal ,because we now city is an increasingly diverse city ,because the city changes rapid development ,we have more people had lived in this city ,from different places to enter the city ,so the city population constitutes a more diversified, and the culture is also increasingly diverse ,it is our city harmonious development foundation ,if the the pluralistic culture together, the city development has many problems, and the lack of sufficient power ,this is our opening and innovation The first reason .
Second Wang Yongbin is active vitality .We present the city there is a great need for a kind of competition ability, city is a city to realize a city to change ,the competition between the city is very fierce ,including economy ,talent competition ,if a city in the process of development out of the competition advantage ,development certainly will lag ,some years later, will disappear and even atrophy ,relatively well-known down, so we emphasize the vitality of the city atmosphere ,to build the core competition ability of the city ,this is we think through the urban landscape to create, to build the city brand .
Wang Yongbin third is a livable and appropriate production ,each city to build livable city as their own goals, many city puts forward to want to apply for China livable environment ,or higher levels of China Habitat Award ,but livable based is actually very suitable for employment ,if not full employment ,the city may not reside, and this is our network top some of the conclusions of exceeding one .
Wang Yongbin fourth is the protection and inheritance of city China .Most have a long history History ,and in the process of rapid development ,we are likely to cut off the history ,now director Zhang mentioned important continuation of historical context ,in fact we still have a lot of unique culture ,there are very personality ,unique customs ,are our city needs to build the city ,not in size ,often reflected in the individual competition ,if we can keep the good protection ,inheritance of urban context and culture ,including the customs ,habits and so on ,in fact this is our city development is an important basis.
Wang Yongbin fifth is safe and harmonious harmonious security .This level we should say that this rapid development ,itself contains a lot of problems, development speed is very fast ,and now from the nature of the hazard and some man-made influence continued to increase, this is the city life inside a very important phenomenon ,if our city can have such mutual concern ,can largely eliminate or weaken the impact of natural disasters ,the city is also very livable ,is our pursuit ,this is also the city brand should contain.
Wang Yongbin we used Five such content ,seemingly and urban landscape is not directly related, but it is we have to pursue some of the target ,we hope that through this five big targets to create urban landscape, to mold the city brand ,thank you ! host Xiao Xi Thank you, then please Mr.
Chen, if build city landscape ? Chen Shun is very pleased to attend this activity ,urban landscape mainly refers to some of the important city in planning identified in something, I think in fact from developers is passive ,but the developers have the responsibility for the development of the city ,will be affected? I think that will involve some ,such as Wailimian design we now report .
In planning Wailimian is not careful ,but if you are the buildings in this area can and around buildings from color ,from the facade design harmony ,the surrounding is very good. If surrounded by an ancient building, you put a glass curtain wall can be in harmony ?Your buildings covering a city important intersections or an important line ,the actual outer facade design are also reflected in an urban landscape ,So some aspects are passive .
In fact some aspects as developers, is still there to do. Should stand in the city development, and long-term perspective ,including the facade design ,including the facade of city landscape contribution.
I remember a while ago the morning watch CCTV morning newspaper program ,published two photographs ,one is 30 years ago inLondon Square ,another one still in the position of the photo ,but you see him behind the buildings without any changes ,but in Beijing you find a place ,30 years ago to the present,great vision without any change ,at least not too good ,I was born in Beijing ,I remember when I see the calendar ,the main landscape is Jianguomen Residence, I might say a lot of places don 30years,May 10 yearsbroke up many times ,so from a developer perspective, from the city of landscape while you can play a decisive role ,but as long as you stand a little taller ,look a bit further, and some do .
Chen Shun on the other hand, low-carbon economy ,green habitat,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000, I also have some of their own ideas .I think the low carbon economy including energy saving and emission reduction In our country ,in addition to systemic through some facilities to implement energy-saving emission reduction ,in fact some more by the family as a unit to achieve.
We recently in the selected 10 Olympic Garden,start at the same time &quot ;low carbon life month &quot ;activities ,calling each family a year to do 10 thingsfor example ,the year two tree ,a Zhou Shao to see a car ,we use less disposable chopsticks HH in 47 of our city has 61 Olympic Garden,there are 1/3 is ourholdings ,another part is belonged to join ,but this activity has been a lot of joining the Olympic as positive response .
National energy-saving emission reduction is a very important force, is the country through the system facilities to complete the energy-saving emission reduction commitments ,I think more and more including developers in the construction of time, should be more use of solar energy ,and the most simple include solar hot water problems ,solve electrical problems and includes areas of the whole in the design of the time, can be in the mechanical and electrical equipment respect from energy-saving emission reduction to think more ,may let the cost has increased ,but this effect than developers are now the macro-control to the Lord Dynamic price or covert depreciate ,much more than this to save ,one square metre also dozens of pieces of money ,so I said developers in their manufacturing process is some do ,in low carbon economy green energy saving and environmental protection aspects have lots of things to do .
Chen Shun I have a very simple idea :to do one thing on a personal benefits can be done, on two individual benefits should be positive to do ,if you do one thing for everybody ,it should be a positive sign to do ,and do well .
And good finished not only spiritual praised ,material will get some, for example can you from hair change appoint angle returned some of the costs ,now have solar energy per square meter to 200 yuan,our area are made ,but only from the start that day ,previous is not ,but I think anyway ,from my perspective, as long as you do good deeds ,is able to get social recognition.
Also, can have more small and medium-sized enterprises in loan ,taxation ,return some concessions, so that more people have to do .But also easy to do ,including the technical department ,the management of the industry ,to promote low-carbon by Economic ,energy saving and emission reduction .
Such as solar energy ,will have some prior installation problems ,pipeline ,the leakage problem well, so ,nothing can be complex ,so I think the developers have done ,in spite of the development during this period may cost increase, but this increased to late encountered adjustment photograph is compared, still is not very big .
Chen Shun there is a Beijing may be dry ,so inside each cell regardless of the size of the place and are willing to do a scene ,or a circular lake ,or do a brook ,actually in Beijing ,Waterscape in four seasons in one day ,can not be used in winter in summer ,evaporate quickly ,so we can through the technical processing or using other landscape ,replace some features ,the developers should have the social responsibility .
On the other hand, I think it should be called on to the property management department to do these things ,developers built give property ,finally able to community atmosphere to guide and promote action ,actually, property or doing ,such as corridors, all entrances can some publicity ,give each doorstep some tips ,so it should be called for and guide our residential property Management departments have some sense of social responsibility ,so they are actively guide the residential owners ,each family from energy-saving emission reduction ,including low carbon economy this one advocate some ,including a week can make a car, can each other and a car? You one on one hour so the family in the light? Chinese society as the important energy-saving emission reduction unit strength ,in fact there are many many things to do .
I have to speak at the forum Chen Shun I today to attend this meeting, as well as the first time ,also very happy in the future ,including what are some activities ,we Olympic Garden is also advocating healthy ,I also very much like the open-yen teachers do some products in the research ,I think that people living in the village inside feel very comfortable ,very happy ,property management is also very warm ,I see it ,advocate health guide ,it is also a kind of social power ,also cannot be ignored.
Zhang Yuan to end what you have just said is very easy to do ,I feel very much in favor of people ,now the study disclosed a low carbon way ,can we make low carbon community ?Low carbon community says very complex ,but it is easy to do ,I can plant trees ,each tree day sucking How much carbon dioxide emissions ?A small number carbon dioxide? The two offset ,if you plant trees absorb carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions offset area ,is carbon dioxide zero discharge ,so it is very easy to do .
Chen Shun we plot which very many trees are each on their own money ,to the arbor to adopt ,we put the tree bought, prior notice to buy good ,10piece ofone tree ,we don ,is to give the others ,he from time to time to have a look ,and said this is our home ,this is very good ,so the property company played a significant role ,other departments instead not, you can only send a paper industry sector ,but the property is very powerful ,so I think the property sector should be advocated .
our open-yen developers are now in the low carbon also has many can be used as place ,low carbon community from creating a low carbon lifestyle begins, there are many places can do ,to create a community ,the future creating a low carbon life behavior ,can be very convenient to do these, is now we need to explore the past quarter ,we do are closed ,it will open ,shorten as far as possible Walking distance ,creating a walking distance from the city ,to keep the appropriate space ,a little empty out a little ,to the city of some green space ,just like the solar ,geothermal ,the problem of problem of sewage problems ,to solve the problem.
Chen Shun the solar living hot water of this fact is very simple ,but in Beijing now three ,four hundred flats ,I estimated that no more than three or four, almost no . Zhang Yuan to end incentives policy .
Chen Shun a little reward policy ,I estimate the developers also have incentive effect. open-yen actually not difficult . Wang Yongbin Inner Mongolia is a must. open-yen each district do not let in Beijing ,residents ,UV light is also very rich ,high solar now has no big problem ,and the solar energy efficiency is better ,this one can do .
Chen Shun we require all district are solar domestic hot water ,this one, all the good, I said get up in this light ,also using solar energy ,lighting ,Adidas Porsche Design,public area ,then they say this not, bright enough, I said it is not enough ,also need to make several ,let people see us with this awareness, at the junction of Lawn lamp ,street lamps in the middle of this ,we have some ,feel good.
So ,we still have to do some . open-yen do not like the atmosphere ,there is still good . Zhang Yuan side of a street is solar and wind power to organize street ,very good . compere Xiao Xi we are working with UN-Habitat publishing pamphlets to public issuance of low-carbon way of life ,but also hope to get your support and guidance.
Chen Shun we fully support . Xiao Xi host twenty-first Century world of rapid development of the city ,as well as urban people ,how to provide the human society enough for life ,so that the quality of life of ascension is the parties concerned and the focus of urban landscape construction .
Is rapidly improving the image of the city the important way, have below ask lady Huang Shiqian to talk about your view. Huang Shiqian is very pleased to attend this activity ,I felt from the beginning to the present ,I heard that three experts and moderator on activities to concentrate on the main points of note ,I followed to landscape and environmental design workers from the perspective of post some of their own feelings and experience .
Huang Shiqian I am ,I work in China this year is 10 years,there are some Chinese work experience ,I think I have said is the truth, is not necessarily correct ,also hope to enlighten .
Georgia international ,Beijing Georgia vice president Huang Shiqian Huang Shiqian first, the first on the city landscape construction problems ,first director Zhang referred to Chinese city population has increased to 622000000 people,today China to face the city traffic system problems ,how to open our public transportation system ,in fact, should vigorously develop the public transit system ,and foreign BOT mode in our future city in the process of opening up ,especially in the future of two or three lines in the process of city development, we must integrate the theme.
This aspect of our company is very interested and willing to participate . Huang Shiqian second subjects went back to my own ,I think the landscape dominated by public space ,here I just listen to the experts also say ,even including the estate and so on ,in the city space ,public open space and even some projects may be integrated development project ,we feel that this is something to solve a lot of work On the problems ,there are empty .

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