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Li Hanchen notes 5

Li Hanchen lectures 5,should be good and bad character : a character will be useful in a jealous God and God one ,when the line was transported to life authority in God have good effect ( born to help with God ) ,or to avoid bad effects of God ( g out consumption) ,the character of life should be the main guitar when did years to life with God Bureau bad effect ,or to avoid God has good effect ,should be fierce.
Two ,eight-character prediction analysis on three elements of yen Mong decline ,distinguished by God and not God. 8comprehensiveanalysis. Life authority ,Dayun ,fleeting three role relationships .
Example: dry :Jia Shen Ji Si Geng Chen Wu Yin month make Si g yen g, but Shen and trip has been the fire ,Chen Hui has been the fire ,has been the fire of two injury ;but e ,e ,my birthday ,so the yen Wang .
A wood star for God ,a combined trip has ,the jealous God has students Geng RI main weaken the strength of a fortune ,played a good role ,so is the rich life .Wang with fire ,Koki ,Toraki as God party ,other :Shen ,oneself ,e ,e is jealous of God .
1yen,analysis of Mong decline :Wang ,Wang is jealous and printing body ,that this diploma is not high . Being flourishing, with officer ,officer Sihuo two injured ,the official body flourishing printing as a jealous ,he g mother.
A wood star although far away from the Lord ,but a combined trip has been soil ,And Yin is a root ,a good effect ,life is born rich life. Father a wood wealth is God ,than the mother ,father than the mother of life ,capable.
Wealth generation that marriage ,marriage .Example :Geng Wu Xin Wei Ren Shen GUI you Dayun Jia Xu Ren Shen Yun, Shen alloy trip with God has been the fire officer star ,the job is not suitable ,when not official .
GUI you luck, unitary and tripping, jealous of God e soil ,www.deadidasporschedesign.com,when time is filled (i.e. ,when Chen ) is good. Jia Xu Yun, a life with God is bureau of property ,this win big money .
Example: Mao Zedong :kill character seal GUI Si Jia Zi Ding You Jia Chen analysis yen Mong decline and ,jealous of God .This character the yen weak ,weak support on printing ,printed by water ,power is small ,not from the weak .
With God a Si ( not like to use ) ,jealous of God ( the stem reduced word ,directly with the day stem effect) :decane ,son ,unitary ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,e . From the character can be seen: the Lord is the official children ,G ,rich ,marriage is not suitable .
Character decides all 2,a comprehensive analysis on the main character of weak ,two a wooden printing birth ,Ji ,printing and month force, a good role, should be good .Yinwang representative Wencai ,two seals ,expository writing to have many achievements.
In dry seal force (a wooden seat while water ,decane and students A) decane water Qisha Jane then on the main role ,Qisha Representative Officer ,right ,the first ( yes ,deputy ,small power ) for the military attache ,killing power.
This life decane water Qisha have monthly ,and unitary ,the largest force ,so the officer ( officer killed .Both for the use of in order to avoid ,the role of good or bad and the good and bad ;government-owned magnifico ,who killed the role of fault property in size.
) the first a printed with decane water killing power, Guan Sheng printing ,the printing for printing .Right than robbery ,brothers ,is God ,but has been the fire in the month is weak ,the main brothers is not good ,G ( g brothers brothers are various: Well ,don go the right way ,see the sick ,poor ,prison ,death etc.
) .Water in the home and the unitary ,so water grams Sihuo very heavy ,that brother easy death. The unitary gold father of wealth ,is jealous of God ,near dry day ,and father of a bad relationship ,often be small .
Mother recognised Koki Kiko on Wang ,mother is pretty ,and close to the dry day ,and mother of good feelings .Chen and unitary ,and do not change, Chen force reduction ,unitary booster ,unitary bad effect is greater wife ,the bad effects .
( sat down with God ,sit down and jealous of God the most vicious ) 3,life authority ,Dayun ,fleeting three interaction character life authority decides everything .Transport (Universiade .
) on life authority has profit and loss function .First Dayun role, role and function results in life .( role :G and relief for consumption ) destiny rule happens, mainly to large ,annual supplement, fleeting fleeting role through Dayun ,no direct action life authority .
When destiny rule will not take effect when fleeting life ,direct action .(such as when Dayun void when destiny rule ,had no effect on life authority ) destiny rule action, and the fate of bureau of the Universiade .
No part. ( i.e. Bureau back g Dayun .) such as :on the main weak ,Guan g body ,Hurting Officer leakage of body be jealous of God ,go to political career years, certainly ,disaster, or work with.
Will not be because of Hurting Officer back Keyun officer should be good. ( if money in the health officer ,Dayun fleeting encounter property ,can be promoted .As if no money ,money is not obvious in students ,actual ) transport is life in words or relationship in Dayun .
This stage debut .As auspicious should be fierce fierce auspicious ,for example: Jia Shen Geng Chen Wu Yin Ji Si Jia Xu ,has years of rich in Dayun ( because the original life authority has a role in a financial role is ,preferably in Shen Yun ,) .
Si years ,Shen and tripped by God ,so this year should be bad. Dayun Fleeting time and effect ,to be virtual function .When the Universiade ,fleeting a word and life authority in a word occurs when the word penalty punch ,for life in words for it.
Such as :fleeting hydroxyzine Punch Board of Si ,although hydroxyzine in bureau of imaginary ,but now ,due to it is real .But due to the yen will be virtual. Dayun only fleeting fleeting role, reducing stress, time to direct action life authority ,have the following situations: A ,time and fortune than robbery .
B ,actual effect ,time for God .C ,time and Power Bureau of life word consistency and reducing the stress .D ,Dayun is empty when death .E ,imaginary ,fleeting reinforcement .F ,year carry e ugly see Hai ,Chen did not meet water ,not a see has been the fire ,Dayun ,fleeting are direct role in life .
10,Dayun fleeting time function, role of the results and the life of bureau of the four heavenly stems and four earthly branches were happened ,so can be in the same year a number of things.
An important conclusion interrupted :Fanbi robbery ,officer killed ,fresh injury on life authority of God or jealous of God has good effect ,with God ,jealous of God represented by one officer .
Where fortune on life authority in God or jealous of God has good effect ,with God ,and God is represented by the relationship Make a fortune. Where printed star life authority of God ,and God has good effect ,with God ,jealous of God represents one degree high ,famous ,highly qualified ,head is good .
If than robbery ,officer killed ,indigestion ,Indian Star ,fortune to life with God ,and the administration of the God has bad effect ,with God ,jealous of God represented by the one in such aspects should be bad.
Finance officer injury than if the stem has good effect ,I had these good. Otherwise these aspects of evil. Fanbi robbed for use in life Bureau Wang on students ,representing than .
The one officer . Where food injury as used in the day near the dry day and not subject to master the people ,rich and noble ,indigestion more flourishing ,when more big, rich and more food ,goods .
For relief food wound wound ,not rich nor noble ;children jinx .Printing style case injured ,I have no diploma ,children than for a robbery .Hence ,colleague ,friend relationship is not good .
This is fierce than robbery ,robbery and not good. Than for ,near dry day ,is jealous of God life authority does not appear, brothers ,friends and reliable than for the Bureau of kalpas .
Not now ,than rob is jealous brother ,friend of bureau in unreliable than robbery Bureau .It appears ,transport for the auspicious time, multiple master pick up property ;not now than robbery Bureau ,carry out Now when the LORD was fierce ,cheat .
Qisha ,shoulder to shoulder ,representing the leading, enterprise ,The Democratic Progressive Party take spell an election strength spell economy.,the God of cookery ,powerful ,robbing ,Hurting Officer .Officer representing small officer ,direct leadership ,government departments ,units ,the official boss .
Virtual on : example: Gui Si Jia Zi Ding You Jia Chen character in word called the true God (not including daily stem ) .Character not present in the word is called the false gods (including dry day ) .
The true God and practical God and jealous of God .God and God imaginary imaginary and imaginary jealous of God .This character ,on the main weak ,your God :a practical ,Si is jealous of God :decane ,sub ,unitary ,Chen 16 othercharacters are called virtual God.
Virtual :B ,C ,D ,l ,C, a ,D ( not ,on stem ) .Virtual bogey :e ,G ,spice ,Ren has ,,ugly ,Shen ,hydroxyzine .Practical God should be down, is jealous of God should be fierce.
False god Dayun should be fierce, imaginary jealous of God should be .In the example above ,Dayun life authority ,decane water is actually jealous of God ,but in life plays a good role of bureau ,decane student a wood is a good thing ,in decane Dayun ,a fleeting should be down .
Decane Dayun ,Ding ( D for .Dry day ) ,J G D bad. Water is jealous of God ,his character has the characteristics of Qisha ,naturally aggressive .Decane water passes have good effect ,when leading officials not Shun Shun .
The main outer environment. This character ,unitary property in on the main seat ,her jealous of God ,the Chen ,marriage is not suitable .Go to the worst years of shipment, G wife heaviest.
Shen Yun ,Kim Shin trip has been the fire ,Go back to childhood......,is g brotha .Practical utility ( the same year ,Dayun ) ,should be big . Really jealous Dayun ,fleeting (same ) ,real and should be fierce.
Virtual with Dayun ,virtual use what (the same) ,should be fierce. As above :Dayun ,Bing Chen Bing Chen fleeting ,Lord of death. ( C for virtual ,Chen soil to avoid ) ( 4)virtual avoid Dayun ,virtual bogey fleeting (same ) ,should be down .
As above :Dayun ,Ji Wei Ji Chou fleeting ,DGC ( inauguration ) .Their virtual bogey. Practical operation, practical time ( not the same) ,the role of good and bad results .Avoid Dayun ,real ( not the same) ,avoid fleeting to effect the good or bad fortune.
Practical Dayun ,real and fleeting ,to effect changes. Results on real bogey Dayun ,practical effect on time, with good or bad fortune. And is only refers to dry day ,whether virtual bogey or virtual ,as long as the life with God good effect ,should be auspicious year transportation regardless .
And ,when life Bureau in the word ,the word for years carry on .Empty dead Theory :to check on a void ,void of no Analysis on the character ,could not be considered . The support is not empty dead ,Dayun empty empty void to fill ,fleeting appearance ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,when meeting Chong ,Dayun ,punishment ,up.
As Dayun Si void ,when the years ,Yin ,Shen years ,has been the fire up. When life Bureau of void ,big run into the void ,is void . Example: Ji You Geng Wu GUI You Yi Mao this life Bureau Xu Hai empty ,when transported in garrison or Haishi is still empty .
Example: Jia Xu Ji Hai GUI You Ren Xu Yueling ,when Xu is void ,annual branch Hai empty space is null. Now can be seen as decane water sitting in Ohio ,this life authority from Jango ,life is a multi-millionaire ,the unitary will hideaway water.
With God on air is not good, jealous of God every empty auspicious . The original life authority hollow ,word ,fleeting filled it in the original life authority in visual the role of reverse fault and good or bad fortune.
The original life authority do not appear in the void word ,in Dayun appear still to void on the fleeting appearance .But also the good and bad filling line. 3,the original life authority with Shenkong dead matter ,avoid Shenkong died down, void filled with God ,shall mean void filling ;jealous of God should be auspicious .
( on dry day favorable void word ,filling should be fierce ;on the day of dry harmful words ,filling should be auspicious . Regardless of the true and filled .Two months is broken .
) inside and outside environment of heavenly representative environment such as :foreign ,outside the unit ,in vitro ,the material world ,far earthly representative environment such as :home ,home ,this unit ,the spirit world ,near.
Do should be in transportation ,wealth ,friends ,family and co-workers .Beyond the earthly branches should do more .I body ,family ,work ,tired easily aspects of officer killed ,confounding confounding confounding ,Pianyin is wealth is mixed ,rob ,had confounding confounding than when used for God ,confounding should Ji; as jealous of God ,should be a confounding confounding .
Regardless of actual situation ,according to the theory. ( regardless of whether there is life Bureau ) when confounding both having a party for the real God ,shall ,should be fierce degree is very heavy.
When confounding both to false gods ,shall ,should mean to a lesser degree. Cases ;Jia Zi Gui Si Jia Chen Ding you shipped in decane ,Ren years ,officer killed confounding ,should be fierce.
In operation ,the years ,or the transport ,son ,called earthly officer killed confounding ,should also be fierce. Example :Xin Mao Geng Chen Bing Wu Ren Chen this life authority for officials from the grid ,original life authority Geng Xincai as useful God confounding ,property on DGC ,rich fleeting time again meets Geng Xin .
Dayun ,big hair .Hybrid theory regardless of strength ,no matter If have . The original life authority without the confounding ,Dayun fleeting encounter ,also called hybrid ,is also rich ,but with the original life authority have confounding than .
Ten Heavenly Stems interaction A, sex drive ,heterosexual and force is small .( breaking pattern height ) such as: a student C .Force greater than B C power. B ,isotropic or anisotropic force ,G force .
Such as: jacket of the force is greater than the b g e force. Five same-sex students g and heterosexual students G force size, in determining the pattern height ,size ,size ,have rich period is very important for C sooner or later .
Hence ,five ( the most important ,the most obvious ) such as :the force of decane and jacket not by force !Hop and split and combined trip ::five the property changed .Trip :is not called in trip (mostly in tripping over with God ) .
Should be tough, become jealous of God should be good .And in 1 ,the original life authority integration ,stumbling ,and if .2 wascombined ,and tripped over .3 ,Dayun and fleeting Hopewell ,trip .
The stem five line and combination stumbles ,generally have happened ,and it is obvious things. The twelve Earthly Branches ,Yin Hai and role of A tripped ,rain before the double side force reduction ,not rendezvous of success ;after a rain ,Yin booster ,The force reduction .
B ,not afternoon ,afternoon force reduction ,without boosting .C ,unitary Chen ,Chen force reduction ,unitary reinforcement .D ,their work ,their work force reduction ,boosting .E, ugly ,both force reduction .
( ugly gold ,not obscure the fire) F ,Si Shen ,both force reduction .( who force ,who cuts force ) example :Yi You Bing Xu Ren Xu GUI Mao from the official lattice ,Mao Xu ,Xu booster ,their role .
In Dayun ,Ren Wu Ding Mao ,Mao was Kenneth fire relief should be fierce, a bereaved mother .In Xin Si Dayun ,Ji Mao ,Mao was Si discharge should also be tough, burglary .Yin Si on life :1,have the fire ,when .
2 whenSi is jealous of God .3 ,Yin Si in the Bureau of co-occurrence ,Si and weak also Aioi ,but must be adjacent .Yin Si on Penalty :1,has been the fire weak .2 ,Si is God ,has been the fire flame encounter Yin wood also criminal .
3 ,Yin Si in the Bureau in different now .( when two conditions when there is contradiction ,to see third conditions ) three Bureau three bureau is not easy and successful .Three trip ,three are reduced by force ,force reducing maximum ,Chen Xu ugly is not adjusted .
The original life lost. Bureau of transport to initiate ,years no .Three in game ,such as a character is injured, not nor stumble ,according to analysis of the relationship between the normal grams .
Life game character and destiny rule three in trip In life ,the word is year Transportation Bureau hold on ,and transported whether tripped .When the Universiade and life authority in two adjacent word formation three trip should be of good and bad is not obvious ,only the annual appears again a tripped over words ,should be good .
Such as: year ,month of Shen ,Chen ,as the Hopewell .Chen ,confinement ,Shen ,is close .Following as :year ,month trip Shen D, days ,years Shen ,confinement ,when their time on ,three words in the air when death is not a bureau ;God cannot be injured.
Example :Ji Wei Ding Chou Ji Mao Ren Yin Yi Hai Hai Mao in Dayun ,not to stumble .Ban He Shen sub hemizygous ,can be thought of as son of water ,water Wang . The unitary ugly hemizygous :when the unitary is jealous of God ,ugly unitary .
When unitary with God ,ugly tripped unitary .( when the unitary in life authority in destiny rule ,ugly ,too ) has been unitary regardless of trip .Wang tomb in hemizygous Bureau ,bureau of sports can become ,God not flourishing not bureau.
God is very weak ,sometimes into the trip ,both force reduction ,but little Yue Fei character :Gui Wei Yi Mao Jia Zi Ji Si d not half wood board ,this is from Jango . Than robbery for Wang ,officer .
Three Bureau three Bureau of powerful, but the requirements strictly. Must be date Pro will God ,bureau of grams of God. Such as :year ,month ,day Chen Yin bases ,will successfully .
Shen Youxu three ,due to a brittle gold ,not easy to be . Example: Geng Shen Yi You Geng Chen Ji Mao (d empty ) this life authority not be ,is flourishing with money .Life g brothers ;when D fill in real-time ,good things example: Ren Xu Ji You Geng Shen Ji Mao as Xu has Ren hijab ,a brittle gold force reduction ,Shen Youxu three will become the bureau from Jango .
Bases for money ,is jealous of God by his father for college students ,.Special rules :rain before Yin wood and special weak ( born fire is very small ) ,after a rain Yin upright .
Example :Ren Chen Bing Chen Bing Yin Ji you dry rain before birth) this life authority from weak grid . If no country is weak ,as on the main weak ,because Chen Hui large fire, therefore ,can not be broken on the main business .
Example: Kun Wu Shen Jia Yin Ji Wei Jia Zi made empty ) bureau of this life main weak ,officer is jealous ,but in the rain before the Yin wood is very weak ,Koki must also weak ,so the husband HISTEP long ,beautiful water wealth star is jealous ,but empty dead ,so I am rich life.
Ren Zi Dayun ,Geng Wu years dead father. Chongke Yin wood ,Yin weaker if not ,Shen ,Yin is also weak. A has a jinx ( body is weak ,officer .Officer fit inauspicious Yuewang more fierce .
) the rain before ,Toraki is hydroxyzine ,more and more weak character analysis of septal do not function ,Day and day ,earthly and supporting role. The hijab, cut foot force is very small.
Tonggen ,since sat root force, other less force. Through Coogan is stronger than Tonggen power. Such as :Si Zi Bing Xu C through a base power greater than C Tonggen Si force stronger than Bing Xu Bing Wu .
See a big force C ,d see without force .( see and ) tomb library on dried in a tomb library month ,not flourishing theory. By helping the male stem is equal to a force of 0 ,both Yang dry in the day which place.
Such as: a student before the month ,C in Qu born in a month by month ,cyproheptadine ,born in ugly months ,Mibu on e month ,this month than dried weak .Yang day dry see years ,days ,when the library ,through Coogan .
Such as: G Shengchou years ,Tonggen .G Shengchou month not flourishing ,G .Its flourishing degree is larger than 50%, the work on Wang ,born a month was not flourishing ,Ding Huosheng Xu Yue not flourishing is not weak .
Yin dry day in Chen Xu ugly not months ,with G .Bing Xu ,Ding Wei ,Ren Chen Gui Chou ,for Tonggen personal library ,if not two times more prosperous .Injuries ,are generally excluded from .
There are :Ji Wei ,Wu Xu ,Xin Chou ,Geng Chen ,is also quite effective . A and B see Chen Xu ugly not all of money ;a and B in Chen Xu ugly not months weak. God every tomb library should not Good or bad fortune.
(as the god fire on a old shipment, not to fire into the tomb should be fierce ) Shao Weihua book cases ;Yi Chou Xin Si Xin Mao Xin Mao Kun :Dayun Ren Wu GUI Wei Jia Shen Yi you :Ding Hai Bing Xu Shao said ;in Ding Hai Dayun ,Ren Xu years dead husband.
( actually not in Ding Hai Dayun die fiance) this life authority on the main weak ,using their ugly .Wood has been the fire ,it is home ,so has been the fire officer Wang ,quebracho .
If it is in the Ding Hai Hai Chong Dayun ,jealous of God has been the fire ,this should not be a dead husband. So ,said Ding Hai Dayun dead husband is wrong. It should be in the Bing Xu fortune ,Ren Xu years dead husband.
This character is born g husband ,but because life Bureau has ugly dark has been the fire ,not her husband immediately should be fierce, only to a shipment ( make ugly injuries ) ,husband should be fierce.
GUI Wei Yun, ugly without opposition ,ugly injuries should gram ,husband ,but at this time, may not marry, or natural is the late marriage life ,so no driver Keke; or may not work with her husband ,not shun .
( bureau of life is jealous of God ,the first step ,second step Dayun should not only meet the fierce ;jealous of God most fierce ,the first step to be fierce. ) in Dayun Bing Xu Yun, a punishment the ugly ,ugly injuries ,but also catch up with Ren Xu fleeting ,two a penalty for an ugly ,has been the fire officer star The most dangerous time .
In addition ,the two work together again their two sockets ,her jealous of God ,chummage jealous of God ,in the property is good. Two work and on the main virtual bogey Dayun ,virtual bogey time, should be in the property should be good.
Chen ugly side of Wuji ( wet soil the soil without help ) .Chen Geng Xin Shen unitary ugly students .In life authority ,Chen ugly to adjacent Shen unitary ,connective not Aioi.
In day ,Chen ugly to any position of cyproheptadine Sinkin . Such as: ugly Xin Xinchou on two Xin was born ,ugly representative on the main mother ,that he the mother of his brother relationship than on himself .
Chen ugly dark fire not grams of water. ( dark fire force is greater than the water overcomes fire force ) A ,Chen Hui ugly only adjacent Si afternoon fire. B ,Chen ugly dark day to any location on the third Ding fire.
C ,in life authority the ugly and the adjacent South ,no part. Ugly adjacent most conforming stumbling Chen sub adjacent ,is a monthly ,on integration ;not for home and stumble .
Bureau of water for a long time, Chen ugly with water .Water refers to the number of water due to give birth this month .Such as :the child ugly hydroxyzine ( ugly as water ) at the ugly gold .
Example: Xin Hai Xin Chou Geng Chen Geng Chen weak ,on the main weak ,sealed .Not Xu can help Wuji soil ( but not helping to work due to give birth this month ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,e soil ) .Not a soil crisp golden ,crisp The force is greater than the fire grams of gold force ( in earthly ,not Xu to brittle adjacent Shen Youjin ;in the day ,the location of all gold can not brittle ) Xu g water ( septal branch can not vent ) ,fire (not a can do water) A ,did not work and has been the fire .
,not a booster ,and has been the fire is not decreased .B ,Xu see afternoon afternoon fire ,fire due to give birth this month order theory ,Kenneth fire booster ,and other on the trip, both force reduction .
C ,no lunch ,not force ,Kenneth force reduction . Bureau of fire for a long time, not to fire on the garrison .A tomb ,in terms of years ,days ,when ,for the consumption of the body ,not to help the body.
( don Tonggen ,not a fortune ) dry day for C D ,nonane decane ,see Chen ugly ,ugly with water on Chen .( see Chen ugly B ,Chen the ugly by money .Geng Jin Jianchen ugly ,ugly to print on Chen ) dry day C D ,G ,see not a ,not to fire on a dry day of his work .
No ,not a theory than sb. (E in a month except on nonyl decyl weak ) do not see Xu ,not work sometimes the officer ,sometimes by money . Such as: no no GUI Wei not ;Xu Xu Ren Xu .
Above two cases ,not grams of water ,not on the main nonane decane Xu is the officer. Such as :a unitary Ren Yin Xu ;without Shen Guimao .Above two cases ,work is not directly Rengui grams ,at this time Xu not to fire on ,Xu is not a master .
Decane windfall .Chen :Chen Xu Xu ugly without opposition ,not at the ugly ,ugly Xu square ,Chen ugliness help ,Xu did not help ,Chen and not any effect .As God is Chen ,ugly should also be good.
Shade no tomb library said ,drying in the shade of a tomb library to shade and tomb library overcomes the relations of Mong decline . Example: a month ,B ,Xu to property theory .
Example: the ugly months ,Ding ,Ding to ugly dark fire theory has been in ugly months ,oneself is weak .When birthday month ,Xin Wang GUI students not months ,decane .Chen weak .
A ugly no four tomb library ,can only same-sex stems roots. Such as : e so roots, rather than decane root ,namely Chen not helping decane water .C in not months ,and Ding Sheng in a month on weak.
Four tomb library and three ,three directors ,three trip when the tomb library ,four adjustable climate of lost. Four tomb library and Liuhe: child ugly ,ugly unitary Chen ,Chen loss adjustable Hou power.
Not afternoon together ,their work ,not a transfer time force increased. Mao Yin wood g e Qu ugly without soil, can only hurt the soil ,and does not affect the transfer time of .
Such as: Mao Yin G Chen Chou period ,just e ugly gives birth to gold ,but still dark fire. Four tomb library meets the penalty when rushing ,adjustable time of loss ,soil is also injured .
Yen Mong decline judgement method in element and elements overcomes the relations Tingri stem Mong decline ,by decision date Stem Mong decline power by 50%.when helping day dry ,dry day 50%flourishing may ,at this point in the month when dry ,dry ,Sino-Japanese another helps dry day ,yen to Wang .
When monthly g leakage on consumption when dry ,dry day with 50% weak may ,at this time, in the month ,day ,when a dry dry and then have a G leak consumption dry day ,yen to weak theory.
When by two injuries ,Yueling on stem Mong decline influence is less than 50% ,at this time, Yueling restraint dry day ,dry day with flourishing ;by helping dry day ,day stem with weak theory.
By either the two or three wounded ,injured ,power still . When by two injured :life support Japan in dry condition ,two injured have the following three cases: A ,for the order of two words if all help dry day ,Lord still flourishing.
B ,made by two characters if not help dry day ,on the main weak ,but never from the weak .C ,made by two words if for a dry day ,not a help dry day ,master in most cases are flourishing, also sometimes weak ,but never from weak example: Jia Yin Yi Hai Yi Mao Ji Mao while the two injury, master not only flourishing, and the day master-slave strong.
Example :Jia Wu Ding Mao Bing Xu Ren Chen although sockets two injuries ,but Master Wang Xin Si Bing Chen Geng Chen Geng Chen .Example :has been the fire two injuries ,on the main weak ,but not from the weak .
Example: Xin Hai Ren Wu Wu Chen Ji Wei afternoon fire two injuries ,on the main weak ,but not from the weak . Example: Wu Xu GUI Hai Jia Yin Yi Hai Hai two injuries ,Master Wang ,but not from Wang .
Example: Yi Mao Ding Hai Jia Xu Ji Si Hai two injuries ,on the main weak . When by two injured, by G out consumption dry day : A ,made by two words, if not help dry day ,dry day still weak on .
B ,made by two words if it helps ,on dry ,dry day with flourishing on .C ,made by two words, if for a dry day ,a help dry day ,dry day still weak theory, but generally not from weak .
Example: Ren Yin Xin Hai Bing Chen Wu Yin Hai two injuries ,day stem from weak GUI Wei Ren Zi Wu Wu Wu Chen .Example :Kenneth fire two injuries ,on the main weak. With Ren Zi Chen .
Example: Jia Yin Bing Zi Bing Xu Bing Shen water two injuries ,but on the main business . Example: Ding Wei Wu Shen Ding Wei Geng Chen Shen two injuries ,but dry day flourishing . Example: Yi Mao Yi You Wu Wu Geng Shen unitary two injury ,on the main weak ,but not from the weak .
Example: Gui Mao Xin You Ren Chen Bing Zi unitary two injuries ,from weak ( the following is the first surface .Give examples of classes :Ren Shen Wu Shen Ji Wei Jia Shen ) cases of students on the 50%day ,weak ,water consumption on the stem ,sit down gold drain dry day ,so the yen weak.
( but not from weak Ji Wei ) cases ;Geng Wu Yi Mao Ji You Gui you this life authority on the main weak ,( g Youyou root from example :Dry ) :Jia Shen Geng Chen Wu Yin Ji Si this life authority has been the fire of two injury ,Master Wang .
Wang ,with official Sihuo ,official ( though Si officer two injuries ) was flourishing, a property ,a person ,a good effect ,so it is the rich life .Wang ,printed for the bogey ,Yinwang ,G mother.
Father than mother longevity cases :Jia Yin Bing Zi Bing Xu Bing Shen month subspace of two injuries ,Master Wang .( student years supporting Yin for injured patients Xin Wei Bing Yin Ji Chou Jia Yin ) :this life authority on the main business .
( Mao Yin wood before the month is weak ,chocolate this life is the two ) Bureau Yin g without soil ,but chocolate is not ,is not two times wounded . Example: Wu Xu Xin you Geng Chen Ding Chou on the main business .
( unitary is an injury ) example :Bing Zi Geng Chen GUI You Jia Yin on the main business ,with fresh injury Jia Yin .(not from ) example :Geng Chen Jia Zi Ji Chou Jia Zi in order to master weak fault ,quasi !Cases :Gui Mao Ding Si Geng Shen Ji Mao on the main weak cases ;Xin Hai Xin Chou Geng Chen Ding Si on the main weak cases ;Geng Chen Bing Zi Bing Xu J Si ( after a rain ) on the main .
C in Yin on Wang ,and Xu ,have roots, so Master Wang .Life is poor ,to have the official disaster .Cases ;Jia Yin Bing Zi Bing Xu Bing Shen on the main business ,( sub two injuries ) judge &quot ;from the &quot ;when life Bureau of life support Japan stem strength is finance officer wounded restraint, dry day from strong.
When life authority in grams of leakage on consumption dry strength were printed than restraint, on stem not from weak . Example: Ren Wu Jia Yin Wu Zi Ji you because l printed grams of unitary ,so do not from the weak .
Ding ( SI ) :Wu Zi Geng Chen Jia Shen Shen quilt discharge ,Shen not water ,so is from weak .One unified formula for calculating charming beauty ,God weak ugly. God meets students do ,God is not dry.
Avoid bar ugly ,avoid neurasthenic .Jealous of God every student, not dry ,no status ,jealous of God subject ,capable, have position. For God but if not now ,not good. As jealous of God but if not now ,good special law :one is jealous of God due to give birth this month to flourishing and not every student, master the relationship and incompetent.
One for God due to give birth this month to Wang not every student, beautiful and capable. One is jealous of God due to give birth this month to flourishing and every student, ugly and not dry.
1,God sat with root or rotary health ,God represents one tall . 2,jealous of God sat with root or rotary health ,jealous of God represents one short. 3,God is serious ,the Lord himself God represents the body ill.
4,avoid bar and meets students master himself ,jealous of God represented by the body part 5,ill .Life in Taipei ,bureau ,the Lord himself looks good ,tall ,Chittagong .6,life in sports ,not jealous of God sits down ,the Lord himself is short ,ugly ,Ji .
7,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com However,with God in the earthly and heavenly without seedlings ,God represents one short in the earthly and heavenly stems .Jealous of God without seedlings ,jealous God on behalf of the Liuqin is tall.
8,lines of earthly good luck ,good health ,fat ;row number bad luck ,bad health ,thin case :dry :Gui Mao Ding Si Geng Shen Ji Mao on the main weak ,with Shen ,avoid decanoate .D Ding Si ho decane G D Guanqi good effect ,life is an officer ,but the officer is very small.
But also can be said to be working well. A ,decane water child actress is jealous of God is weak, grow well, a high. Decane made D officer ,that children have the ability to hurt B ,Ji ,officer .
Uki Masatakara in the month not flourishing ,the main wife beauty ;Mao jealous of God in heavenly stems without seedlings ,high ;Mao jealous of God from the dry day ,and wife of good feelings ;their life has been the fire bad effect ,wife of C without ability ,Their mother for sports ,mother beautiful ;sit down by G ,is not high .
D ,Shen brothers for God not flourishing ,appearance is not good ;the Si g ,officer injury jinx .E ,Bureau in two of their wealth ,not to have two wives ,can be said that his wife has multiple personalities example: dry :Ding Wei Wu Shen Ding Wei Geng Chen made him prosperous, with glutaric Shen G.
Avoid Ding Wei Xu .A ,e ho for near a dry day ,heavenly stems and no official star ,who officials but official .B ,G by Wang ,but when in the garrison system ,his wife looks good but no ability Shen Jin San .
Due to injury, his short life .G in stem ,feeling good. Sit Xu G by soil crisp ,not tall ,the wages is not high .C ,work unit size at the official star sit down ,no official star see ho sit down.
This life e sit Shen Jin ,little D unit .Ding Huo is jealous of God ,brother down roots, not tall ;d be e vent is auspicious ,but e vent D force is very small ,so the brothers have ,just work .
E ,this life without a diploma .( light on ) to help curb access 1,where life authority in the word in Chinese fleeting time debut ,force in the original life authority in the measure ,the word in the original life authority of strong, in the years operation will have much power.
2,heavenly Ji and earthly branches ., is better not to become good ,and failed. The heavenly stems and branches fierce auspicious ,be defeated without fail ,to murder and no fierce.
3,when life office in good combination in Yun years appear ,folded. When life Bureau of bad combination in Yun years appear ,should be fierce. Example :dry Wu Xu Xin you Geng Chen Ding Hai :(L is not empty ) this life authority on the main business ,with Yin Xu Ding Hai .
Xu g unitary g effect ,officer .Yin property sits down and hydroxyzine ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,wealth through the portal ,is the rich life . The unitary g Yinzhi force greater than the students Yin force ,therefore ,is also easy to lose extra money .
The unitary gold brother due to give birth this month ,brother looks good, but e living symplectic ,brother cannot do. Ding for God sits hydroxyzine ,work units are small. Ren Xu Yun, work for God ,when no disease .
GUI Hai Yun, hideaway for use God ,in a good environment. Jia Zi Yun, a centime fire Ji .E ,e ,e wounded jacket not symplectic ,brother test school. Yi Chou Dayun ,ugliness penalty Xu, officialdom adverse .
Wu Yin ,Yin God in place ,my finances ;b g e, e not symplectic ,brother good .Bing Yin Yin Dayun ,God in place ,ten years of finances ;C ,and stumbles ,brother good .Ding Mao Dayun ,inside and outside environment are good.
Wu Chen Yun, Wu is jealous ,jealous of God ,born of God ,G vent D ,Swindon works of students Unitary ,the canal is very fierce. Example :Ren Wu Jia Yin Wu Zi Ji you dry :due to Kenneth g unitary ,this life is not from a weak, is weak ,lunch .

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Winter skin care tips to choose your winter skin mask also look

The mask has become one of the many female essential beauty tools ,can easily apply twenty minutes ,the skin will become smooth and compact ,make you one .Especially in the dry season or skin not steady state ,the mask became the essential beauty little helper ,so that the skin is adjusted in a good condition ,is your health shiny skin oh !Of course ,currently on the market of the mask can be said to be a superb collection of beautiful things ,so ,don use before you know your skin condition to choose the mask can achieve a multiplier effect .
To understand their own skin conditions ,to choose the right skin care products ,is the most clever and time-saving for beauty .Before this also should understand the first mask two .1,Adiads Porsche Design,mask application time and methods.
Because the mask types differ ,cloth film type ,cream ,gel type ,jelly type ,general enough time in fifteen to twenty minutes . Cloth film type ,jelly mask if applied to the mask dry also continue to apply is on the face of it ,it will make the skin moisture absorption by mask ,skin will be more dry but did not achieve the effect of nourishment ,some maintenance nature ,gentle ingredients Moisturizing cream ,stress type ,gel type mask ,Adidas Porsche Design Bounce,can apply to sleep anyway ,is usually says good night mask ,but not painted too thick in the skin, in order to avoid too greasy ,formation of the skin burden ,and appeal ,oil ,cleaning Clear Acne Mask ,especially not to apply for too long, to apply after we have clean ,so as not to cause irritation ,skin .
2different parts havedifferent needs. Sometimes do not need full face mask ,in particular mixed skin MM ,according to the different needs of various parts of the skin to topical use of mask is also a good choice ,even cloth membrane type mask ,has also produced local mask ,love beautiful consumers to be more convenient when in use ,closer to the skin needs to save dry and sensitive skin :no longer tight, restore tender health dry and sensitive skin are prone to emotional, sensitive problems.
For example skin prone to redness, peeling ,wash your face will tight ,therefore ,the maintenance of should careful maintenance of fragile skin. The skin because it can not be timely ,adequate moisture and the skin appears dry ,lack of luster ,more sensitive to outside stimulation ,therefore ,in addition to the cleaning work, should be Special attention should be paid to the skin surface water fat membrane repairing and strengthening ,is to choose the moisturizing ,gentle nourishing mask ,at least once a week ,if dry situation is especially serious ,then weekly should do two nourishing mask ,even suggested that the choice of pharmacy pathway is the maintenance of professional brand ,and pay attention to apply when not to put too long ,to avoid skin excess burden .
Reference price :$79.0/7 sheetproduct introduction :each containing high concentrations of 25g essence ,intensive maintenance filling the skin smooth skin silk is excellent moisturizing skin lightening composition ,with sea buckthorn ,licorice essence ,in the Introduction role, directly into the bottom of lifting water content and the brightness and the creation of humidity environment ,lasting moist ,brighten skin .
Insist on using ,improve dry and rough skin ,the skin moisturizing whitening ,tender and bright. Recommended reason :is this a red mask is a mask Oh ,texture such as silk-like soft ,moisturizing skin lightening effect is amazing !Especially now dry in winter, it is excellent moisturizing and whitening function ,it is dry skin whitening moisturizing choice! Reference price :$390.
0/6 sheetproduct introduction :with a large amount of organic Immortelle essential oil in 1,and contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids from a variety of natural plant oil ,make skin soft and moist ,more can bring skin lightening and the rebirth ,coruscate skin bright luster ,as she the flowers .
Recommended reason :chrysanthemum flower fragrance ,the beginning can help you relieve nervous !Replenishment effect is not stay on the surface of the skin, but rapid supplement cell moisture ,increase cell moisture moisture ,nourish the skin stratum corneum ,into the stratum corneum water .
A variety of nourishing ingredients, can pass through the skin absorption ,make skin moist ,tender. Save oily and mixed skin :maintain water and oil balance ,restore skin vitality is mixed and oily skin skin problems of female friends ,just learn to facilitate the use of the mask care steps ,the water oil balance trouble will be smoothly done or easily solved .
Remind MM oily skin not to excess nutrients the skin ,do not need to apply face film Oh ,actually choose some shiny regulation role of the mask can improve oily skin out of oil more problem ,followed by regular moisturizing mask and deep cleansing mask .
Mixed skin T word parts of greasy ,dry cheeks problem ,use the deep clean facial mask ,only to apply T word The site can be ;cheeks can apply moisturizing mask. Recommend using local mask :reference price :$380.
0/290g product introduction :Tai Chi Tai Chi mud to ancient and first clear muscle decontamination of black mud and complement skin nutrition composition of white mud ,Tai Chi - Qing muscle too pole - run Yu Fang architecture ,instigated the Qing more clear, more extreme complement run efficiency.
The black mud using Tai Chi - Qing muscle party ,enhance the skin pressure exhausting clean ability. White mud using Tai Chi - run Yu Fang ,promote the skin the new supersedes the old.
,make skin pure run Ying Xi to the black and white pair .Mud has interactive ,restore skin balance ,make skin glow original brilliance. Recommend reason :black mud removal effect is good, the nose is very clean ,white clay and brighten skin tone ,although the whitening effect is not obvious ,but for mixed type skin people can find a skeleton mask ,according to various parts of the need for selective skin to apply ,good reference price :$150.
0/4 !Product introduction: FANCL Pore Refining Mask unique and cut completely fit facial lines ,efficient needle T area and both sides of the nose ,adequately address the excess oil secretion problem ,comprehensive coverage of large pores .
Jelly-like mask ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,can accommodate more beautiful Volume liquid ,and when used, cool and comfortable ,even rough pores part also can joint closely .Natural amino acid and hyaluronan ingredient can real time moisture ,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/,infuses moisture into the skin ,makes the cell recovery of water full natural green tea and kiwi fruit essence to quickly tighten pores ,with the soybean the essence of effective suppression of excess oil secretion ,the radical problem of shiny ,quickly make skin fresh and detailed ,real-time invisible dirt pores ,nowhere ,Eat people education,never see blackhead .
Recommend reason :a small piece of very easy to use ,paper film very fit ,well balanced T bit grease secretion ,regular use of a period of time ,will often find the oil out of the nose pores shrink !T zone oil field MM try Oh !High function mask ,immediately respond to firm sense for compact skin and prevent fine lines is especially recommended for practical skills of film style ,let beauty of you against the skin needs to select a suitable mask !A high function type mask is good with or skin care value, is the key to mask the essence of composition and the use of the mask material two point.
Should choose the activity of rich ,low consistency is better ,because the mask in the essence of Hua liquid texture if consistency exorbitant ,even emulsion ,often because the molecules are too large ,but is easily jammed the active ingredient ,and is further limited by the active ingredients into the skin layer of odds.
Another focus is the mask material ,patch showdown ,a good mask and material should have complete docile and coverage ,in addition to closely fit skin ,also can carry rich essence ,and from the release maintenance components .
Therefore ,to create a good patch is the focus .High performance mask recommended :reference price: $180.0/4 sheetproduct introduction :with the corresponding advanced technology ,to consolidate and improve complex face neck plastic color cream the remarkable effect ,Paris L also introduced a new series -- with complex Yan joint pulling elastic mask .
As the first compact ,pulling double function elastic facial mask ,the use of a new generation of attaching elastic fabric ,soft to the touch ,has good elasticity and ductility ,can stretch and precise fit the face .
The cut is also more suitable for the Asian face .A perfect fit, let the skin depth of effective components .Recommended reason :mask design of joint face contour, and not enough Fall Oh insisted on using a week can be found in the skin compact ,elastic ,nasty little wrinkles are pale many, feels slippery ~ love your skin !Reference price :$720.
0/ 6x2piecesper box product description: suitable for all skin to provide targeted efficacy: injection nutrient rich ,smooth ,wrinkled .From every angle effectively reduce wrinkles ,even the deep lines.
Water gel mask for refreshing massage ,skin is smooth ,elasticity and gloss ,as new . At the same time was smooth and reduce wrinkles ,even deep wrinkles have repair .Recommended reason :the essence of component a foot thick ,mask paper ,and paper film cutting is very good, very close to the skin ,can really take care of every detail .
Take out the mask after the bag has left some essence ,can be used to wipe on the neck, very moist ,absorbs quickly ,but not greasy .Extended reading :beauty of the 8 good habits~ let you have a beautiful face 6 majorfemale star most damaged image cosmetic endorsements winter moisture will learn first aid from dry winter moisture tricks create charm lip beauty solutions :Conquer Acne .
This was nothing more Wonderful content recommendation :09newmembrane standard which facial mask to save the tired skin ?... snow muscle essence Xin white massage mask 420 yuancream ,silky texture ,very suitable for massage.
Dosage is also very thrifty ,generally speaking ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,3cherrysize quantity would be sufficient enough for full face . With massage ,grey and white texture will gradually become white, white degree can be seen the old waste cutin number Oh.
CLARINS refreshing Whitening Mask $290 + Balance Lotion 210 yuan ofmixed muscle pains in winter will more and more intense ,the partner can help the skin to find water oil balance .
Balance lotion applicator is best to use a piece of cotton for ,after apply mask ,direct with the toner cotton piece is covered on the mask, but also moisture quick approach to.3 asimple massage techniques 1 firstdown from the circle gentle eyes and lips around .
Then using a circular motion in the forehead and cheeks . At last, with the thumb and 25food... After the age of the woman must know anti-aging tips... So ,Wife. Do my injury isn't deep enough.,if less than 10%will lead to dry skin ,then to produce fine lines.
Therefore ,after cleaning the skin to take enough water to supply water makeup ,skin and strengthen follow-up absorption capacity ,and then paint on moisturizing lotion or cream ,in order to muscle Protective film formed on the surface of the skin ,lock moisture.
Strengthen protective day :only repair without protection ,your skin will draw water with a bamboo basket work ,eventually won .Although many day cream or foundation with a sunscreen function, but generally SPF are low ,so even with a sun cream, had better add dedicated sunscreen products to help the skin against UV rays and environment pollution.
Exfoliation: horny layer too thick ,smear on the skin surface of various nutrients cannot be transported to the bottom of skin ,also do not talk to go up to be absorbed by the skin .Therefore ,require regular exfoliating .
Action essence on water embellish feeling :in paint emulsion added before paint essence steps ,in order to fully provide skin necessary moisture and nutrition ,strengthen skin defense ability.
You can choose to have the antioxidant components of the essence ,the single component such as vitamin C or compound ingredients such as plant extraction complex can be.Step1 ,the first Palm rub gently essence liquid ,can promote the skin absorption of .
Step2 ,from the very dry cheeks began to spread ,with pulp to draw circles gently slide the essence fluid ,push the uniform .Step3 ,finger from the center of forehead gently to both sides ,easy to slip away .
Step4 Out of the oil of T word parts can not be ignored, a ventral to the remaining essence lightly with the nasal skin to pulp gently massage .Step5 ,easy drying part. Moisturizing spray tips :use in air conditioning.
.. Network - 6winter moisturizingessence ... Road ,make the skin more easily absorbed enough water .According to optimal physiological ratio modulation of water penetration modifiers ,promote skin moisture permeability ,extended lock water moisturizing effect.
Especially with marine active mucopolysaccharides ,in response to different environmental regulation of moisture in skin ,repair dry damage ,protect the cell activity in healthy .Usage: After facial cleaning conditioning ,evenly extend proper amount onto face and neck ,massage ,until to be absorbed by skin .
Comments: a faint fragrance ,somewhat thick ,poured some shot in the face at a draught absorption ,one is not greasy ,and is very nourishing. Reference price : $30 /30mlcan carry 500 times the water,is now recognized as the best in the literature of moisturizing products ,network structure the most complete, best absorbing effect, increase skin moisture ,keep skin moisture ,can achieve long-term .
.. Winter T most Sharp fashion show temperament hair... Winter ,like in conjunction with seasonal circulation ,the recent major show Mo Dels invariably change numerous for brief ,braving the simplest of straight long hair, straight, bright appeared in spotlight .
Want to have this winter fashion stage most in hairstyle ?As long as the hair straight light plus some skilled ,can reproduce the same to you fashion .In fact ,every a person can simply playing with your hair !In straight Tips1: points straight at this year show, model a straight long hair ,is enough to explain such classic look is sweeping over the winter ,but if only the capture of the long straight hair concept ,which is not genuine ,get in !This spirit play most incisive .
My hair blowing straight before, it is better to put hair with hair care products ,evenly ... Blue thermoplastic RF remodeling your skin... The firmness and elasticity ;to the completion of the treatment 2~6months later,found himself the head pattern has markedly improved,The several day has not come, want to do, drooping eyelids up ,eyes large ,loose jaw becomes tight lines ,all take on an altogether new aspect .
My mood is cheerful a lot! Blue thermoplastic RF ,a lunch break to go back to ten years ago blue thermoplastic radiofrequency rejuvenating it mainly is the use of modern advanced high-tech equipment ,It is not .

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Official village examination questions

In 2006 Linfen official village examination questions book is divided into two parts ,the first part is the objective questions. The second part is the subjective test ,objective test 60 points,subjective examination questions 40.
A perfect score of 100 .The time of test is 180 minutes .The first part of objective questions ,multiple choice questions 1sixteensessions of four CCP plenary conferences pointed out ,to improve the ruling ability of the party the core is ( ) .
A. to strengthen the party leader B. C. improving the leadership system of the party construction of the cadre team of high quality D. keep the party and the masses relationship of the 2 plenary session of the sixteen Central Committeeputs forward, strengthen the ruling ability construction of the party key is ( ) .
A. building cadre ranks with high quality B. established the party C. improve the party D. to strengthen the party is one of the 3 mostnotable features is the value ( ) .A. in the value relation can be both object ,also can be the subject duality of B.
in the value relation only as the object of C. in the value relation can only be used as a main body D. has only through its own practice to satisfy oneself and others need 4people to havethe characteristics of sensitive material is the fundamental way to ( ) .
A. give full play to the initiative of B. to participate in social practice in C. brains, be good at observation ,Nike Air Force 1 Premium,diligent Yu Sikao D. apply scientific thinking methods 5 know nature is( ) .
A. B. of free creation of thinking of subject to the object of motile reflection of objective reality itself C. D. social practice 6 to distinguish betweenquantitative change and qualitative change basic symbol is ( ) .
A. things change is beyond the scope of B. things change is significant C. things change is rapid D. things change, whether there are new elements to produce 7 in practical work touphold materialism is ( ) .
A. everything from theory of B. not only, not only book ,is only C. that subjective will find D. and subjective thinking and objective reality and the nature of consciousness is 8(A. ) .
Consciousness is a brain function B. consciousness is a social product C. consciousness is a product of nature D. consciousness is the function of the human brain ,is the objective reflection of the development of things is the source of the ( 9).
A. man B. things interactions between C. things of the internal contradictions of D. external promotion 10Deng Xiaopingclearly summarizes socialist essence is in the ( ) .A. twelve B. party party Third Plenary Session of the twelve Party Congress, C.
D.1992 in southern talk11 Hongkong,marking the one country two systems Conception ( ) .A. B. C. significant initial success over the success of D. completed 12 socialistcountries could not directly operate the business of ownership of the whole people ,mainly because of ( ) .
A. enterprise production data belongs to enterprises of all ,countries have no right to operate B. enterprise has a large number of skilled management personnel ,not necessary for the state to operate C.
enterprise is socialization production ,not suitable for the national unified management of D. enterprise is autonomous ,self-financing commodity producers ,not directly by the state of operation of 13 Chineseproblem ,the overriding need ( ) .
A. B. C. D. peace development stable solidarity 14social security systemis the core content of ( ) .A. B. C. social insurance social relief social welfare and special care and placement of 15D.
evaluation under the condition of socialist ownership of the means of production is reasonable ,superior, is the main ( ) .A. conforms to continuously improve socialization degree requirements B.
whether it meets the requirement of the development of productive forces whether C. accord with socialist superstructure meets the requirements of D. expanding state ownership limits for 16 in myChina at this stage of the existence of the employment relationship is ( ) .
A. B. C. state-owned economy collective economy of individual economy of private economy 17 D.Deng Xiaoping in southern talk :seize the opportunity ,develop their own ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,is the key ( ) .A.
adhered to the rectification of B. persist in reform and opening up C. D. development economy development of technology and Education ( 18)does not belong to the administrative benefit content.
A. job interests of substance B. and substance C. in terms of the rights and interests of the rights related to D. poverty relief 19administrative punishmentcan only be ( ) .A. on the relationship of administrative subordination of the implementation of B.
executed by a public security organ C. punishment of civil servants or the individual citizen ,not punishment unit or organization D. is country specific administrative authorities in violation of administrative law a person or organization to take punishment 20ofresidents in the city during a business trip by Chen B B City Public Security Bureau mistaken blind deportation to C .
B local regulations ,the detention and repatriation in an action against a person must first apply for administrative reconsideration .Chen decided to a municipal court ,a court in the city in which one of the following treatment ( B.
) .A. accepted the case ruled inadmissible and inform Chen first to the second city administrative organ for administrative reconsideration to the second city court C. D. to C City Court some 21 citizensof a literary work in after their deaths ,according to the copyright law ( A.
) rules .The work rights of revision of its successors all B. the revision rights by the state of all C. the use of the work and their right to remuneration in the legal period of protection provided by its successor ,the copyright of the works on all D.
after 50 yearswill not be protected 22in our country,the citizen the obtained model worker , student :outstanding youth ,hard park on the glorious title ,belongs to the civil right of name ( ) .
A. B. C. D. honor right right right of portrait of 23 middle school studentsLi at the cinema and companion chase play noisy ,noisy ,affected the film normal projection staff repeatedly to dissuade invalid took them to the police station ,police of their legal education and public security penalties .
Lee and peer behavior belongs to ( ) .A. B. C. illegal criminal acts disturbing public order behavior of D. impairment of public security the 24 constitution has the highest legal authority ,this is because ( A.
) .The Constitution and modify the program than ordinary laws more strictly B. constitution stipulates the country life of the most fundamental problems of C. is the constitution of all organizations and individuals in the basic principle of D.
constitution is a general law The legislative foundation of 25 professional strongposition and basic administrative functions may be used ( A. ) .The appointment of B. elective system C.
appointment D. test was 26.2002 years in January,the state committee of planning held open the first national railway price hearing ,people from all walks of life to fully express their views ,suggesting that ( A.
) of democracy and the legal system to close .Combining B. role in the enhancement of C. government decision-making democratization of D. people can directly exercise the powers of 27the following personnel,except ( ) are likely to belong to administrative level eight.
A. autonomous banner county mayor D. C. B., deputy head of the Provincial Department of the 28 batch of office deputy director ( A. ) refers to hair .Draft review instructions on how to handle the B.
received the instructions C. on original documents review opinions on the D. reports on the treatment of 29 survey reportstructure generally includes ( ) .A. title, introduction ,text ,conclusion B.
title, text ,[top] tomatoes six taboos,signed C. beginning, introduction ,main body ,ending D. title, text the 30office,change the phone number ,available ( ) .A. B. advertized notice notice C. reason D. bulletin two ,multiple choice questions in September 15th 1.
2004 ,Hu Jintao pointed out in speech ,a measure of a democratic political system is it right? The key is to look at ( ,) .A. most people fully reflect the B. most people be in power if the rights are fully realized C.
most people legitimate rights and interests are fully guaranteed D. most people life level is to be sufficiently increased by 2 Eleven3 in after plenary meeting,party and the government implements the policy of reforming and opening ,which of the following achievements are obtained in this policy under the guidance of ( ) .
A. our test detonation of the first atomic bomb successfully B. GNP ,Financial crisis China,national finance income and average income of urban and rural residents generally doubled C. one of the principles to solve Hongkong problem ,Macao D.
un-restored China lawful seat 3separating themain measure is ( ) .A. enterprises no departments B. phasing out of professional economy branch C. vigorously develop social intermediary organization D.
exploring new to state-owned enterprises supervision 4 futures marketis the main function ( ) .A. avoid price risk function B. speculation on the function of C. form reasonable price function of D.
is helpful for market supply and price stability 5macroscopical economy adjusting control is( ) .A. of the socialization of production The objective requirements of B. leaders and masses will require C.
to liven enterprise market needs to adapt to the objective requirements of D. economic system reform deeply the objective requirements of the development of 6 unlockliven state-owned small business in the form of a ( ) .
A. B. reorganization merger united ,sold C. D. leasing ,contract management 7developing social productivity isbasic task of socialism is to is determined by the following factors of ( A. B.
) .The essence of socialism socialist principal contradiction C. build socialist material basis needs D. with our country backward economy reality 8 the followingfall causation category is ( ) .
A. sowed thoroughbred prior ,grain bumper harvest after B. moderate irrigation prior ,grain bumper harvest after C. reasonable fertilization first, grain bumper harvest after D. see lightning first ever hear the thunder in 9followingthe capitalist countries have a correct understanding of ( ) .
A. it represents the interests of all Chinese people and will B. it is proletarian democracy state of C. which is the essence of the bourgeois rule tool D. and the feudal state . Compared with the significant progress of 10historicalperiod put forward the basic problem of philosophy is an important aspect of ( ) .
A. thinking on existing action Using B. thinking and existence problem which is the first problem of C. thinking main body and object of thought between D. thinking can correctly reflect the problem of existence 11in our country,judicial supervision ,including the ( ) .
A. judicial oversight for B. procuratorial supervision of the judicial administrative organs of D. C. supervision of public security organs supervision of the Supreme People on ( 12).A. President B.
C. D. of the National People Standing Committee of National People of the CPC Central Committee 13lawmainly embodied in the role of confirmation and adjustment ( ) .A. ruling class the internal relations of B.
ruling class and the nature of the relationship between C. rule class and its allies on the relationship between D. ruling class and the ruling class and the relationship between the 14 administrative litigation haswith other litigation activities of different basic principles ( A.
) .The competent court specified the principle B. the people supervision principles of C. specific administrative litigation during the specific administrative act does not suspend the principle of D.
bear the burden of proof of principle 15 administrative confirmation( ) is the main character .A. uses a license ,license and other forms of B. is to administrative behavior of C. is limited administrative behavior of D.
in consequence of which the property Right from the opposite outcome 16 nationalcivil servants must comply with strict political discipline is ( ) .A. may not distribute damage the government speech B.
not business ,enterprise and the involvement of other profit-making activities C. shall not organize or participate in an illegal organization D. shall not organize or participate in anti-government rallies ,marches ,demonstrations and other activity 17 civil servants( Principles ) .
A. B. C. D. open fair equality preferential E. competition in 18 administrative decisionsand administrative arbitration in common with ( ) .A. is a kind of folk activities of B. are administrative organs to the identity of the third cutting C.
processing object is a civil dispute D. is the administrative organ uses administrative power to process 19 bulletinis the main characteristics of ( ) .A. has educational B. by the fact that expresses the author views with the intent of C.
has strong timeliness D. has mandatory constraint effect of 20 does not need toreturn documents include ( ) .A. top-secret documents B. mass petition letters C. obsolete files D. is for the leadership to circulate or review the documents of the three ,the 1culture isrelative to material civilization .
( 2)the establishment of a modern enterprises system is the reform of state-owned enterprises is heavy Want one of content .( ) 3 examines theleading cadres of the party and government ,mainly in its study of the job performance .
( 4)the party spirit of proletarian political party is a proletarian revolutionary ,highest ,most centralized expression .( 5)the world market is the trade of China market through linking the world of goods and services exchange domain ,is the domestic market in scope of the extension ( 6)human heretofore recognized ,everything in the world changes ,can be summed up into four basic force ,gravity and repulsion force ,the weak force and the strong .
( 7)the earth life originated in around 4500000000 years ago,according to the present discovery of human fossils ,by about 5000000 years ago,Australopithecus evolved into the first hominid .
( ) 8science and technology is the firstproductivity is to promote economic and social development of the powerful motive force . High technology is the foundation of modern country ,is a measure of any one country ( 9.
) the abundant natural resources and not a national economic and technological development decision factors. ( 10)the current our country is comprehensive and control functions of the organization system is the national and local people the Standing Committee Member ,the central and local state administrative organs at various levels .
( 11)establishing a new system of macroeconomic regulation and control is the direct control and indirect regulation ,give priority to with indirect adjusting control .( 12)of method of macroscopical adjusting control system is provided by tax lever ,credit ,foreign exchange price lever ,lever ( 13).
Government loans with higher interest rates, interest rate fluctuation ,the risk is bigger. ( ) 14 the distributionobject is income allocation system core ,during the distribution process is in a dominant position.
( 15)the capitalist economy management and socialistic economic management have twoness .( 16)in any case ,goods of domestic price and international price is different if the same ,is accidental .
( 17)generally speaking ,on the foundation of investigation and study ,the bullish commodity ,should strive for in prices reached a peak at the start of the sale ,and soon sold out. ( 18)the transport distance is short ,the price is lower .
) ( 19of each kind of goodsshould be different export sales strategy. ( 20)implement diversified market strategy is to export markets around the world average distribution. ) ( second part subjective test question four ,case analysis topic 1 Guo,male, 42 years old,a village Party branch secretary of the village two .
Villagers of the sheep was stolen, they suspected that this village two villagers for, will report to the Secretary of village Party branch Guo Guo life security officer to which a village called to ministry asked ,and sent to the report that evening, Guo Mou on the villagers reproach ,kicking ,torture to extract confessions ,the the villagers have sheep stealing process.
To find other users lost sheep ,and the village tied up, threatening : not honest will put you onto the beam up !Have been late at night ,Guo Mou Village does not recognize again the sheep stealing things ,will lock him in the cabin.
The next day, Guo Mou and branch vice Secretary rope stick on the villagers again threaten to torture, but the village still does not recognize another sheep stealing things ,then continue to be held in the mill .
Afternoon 2 when ,the villagers hanged himself .Local courts shall be subject to the criminal liability of Mr. Kwak .Ask :Guo Mou violate the provisions of the 2 constitutionwhich the plaintiff a firm involved in a development company to operate the Department in early 1998 ,to Fujian province Shishi purchase of various grades of the old entrance color television 90, then secretly transported to a firm sales in the sales process of consumers quality low price high ground to the District Administration for Industry and Commerce reflect ,Bureau of industry and Commerce by adjustable Check and verification, will not sell 26 Color TelevisionArchive.
1998 year in May 4th,district administration for Industry and Commerce for a firm issued a written decision on the administrative penalty ,decided to confiscate the illegal income and 26 oldentrance color television .
A firm on penalties against ,to the city administration of industry and Commerce for reconsideration . City Administration for Industry and commerce upon review ,think a firm or sales of the old entrance color television in violation of relevant regulations ,shall be punished ;but considering the purchase of a firm because once the approval of relevant departments ,the quality of goods is not a firm shall assume full responsibility, so change the punishment decision ,in addition to the confiscation of illegal income of a firm ,the remaining 26 oldentrance color television is related by Department of compulsory acquisition processing.
A firm of City Administration for Industry and Commerce of the reconsideration decision is still not satisfied ,then to the people In the hearing process ,a business agent ,http://www.deadidasporschedesign.com/,such as maintenance of administrative punishment decision of the firm ,both economic and social reputation will bring adverse effect to the court .
Mediation ,the administrative organs to do some work ,not punishment or a mitigated punishment. Q: the people can accept the request for mediation ,why five ,document corrects mistakes inscribing the Ministry of construction, national culture - bureau of the State Council General Office of the State Council :request ,the year before last year, the State Council approved the 21cityis a national historical and cultural city ,the suppression of constructive destruction ,to protect the city of traditional style played an important role.
But in addition to the approved national historic and cultural City ,there are a number of city heritage is very rich ,according to the country ( 1986HH) 104 articleon the validation of the national historical and cultural city of principle, to brew repeatedly ,put forward 37 suggestionsas the city ,the second batch of famous historical and cultural cities ( list attached ) HH please forward all regions ,departments research implementation.
Attachment :the second batch of national historical and cultural city of the second batch of national historical and cultural city of another ,construction department and the State Administration of cultural heritage becomes A-L the protection of historical and cultural city affiliate service team ,if there is no wrong ,please approve .
The Ministry of construction ,the State Bureau of cultural relics in June 10, 1993 six ,a comprehensive analysis of problem of the following materials and answer the questions material l according to foreign scholars study :a country to attract foreign direct investment and foreign direct investment average proportion ,developed countries for l:1.
4 ,l:0.13. according to the proportional measurement of developing countries ,China should be more than $40000000000 ,but actually to differ very far .2002 China is the most countries to attract foreign direct investment ,and all of China overseas investment accounts for only a global total foreign investment in less than 0.
3%. worldwide each year for international engineering contract total amount in L trillion ,China only get l% more. Material 2 Chinaoverseas investment increase : 1991 :$760000000 ;1994:$5524000000 :$6950000000 ;1999;2002: $132000000003in recent years,the rapid development of Multi-National Corporation international production integration and presents some new characteristics: from the angle of value chain of global production of reasonable configuration resource .
In the competition under the influence of pressure ,Multi-National Corporation than any time facing important choice ,internal or external specialization or diversification ,the development trend of the international production system is take the road of specialization ,centralized resources to enhance the core competition ability.
In the production and value chain of technology development ,product manufacturing and marketing in the three major processes ,the Multi-National Corporation is more catch both ends,Video the development of small knowledge, namely, hold to technical innovation, technical standard and promotion ,new product development and upgrading .
At the same time ,control product sales channels ,brand management ,marketing and customer service service in several links at the price of The original number .By the internal production and operation of the business ,in the form of outsourcing from outside suppliers to purchase ,made according to the contract, to provide goods and services contract manufacturers in the international production system are very important .
The material extracted from the International Herald Tribune in September 26, 2003 4 materialsin recent years ,the regional economic integration the increasing trend and regional integration ,means the region non-member discrimination.
If still dependent on trade ,trade diversion effect will be affected ,if in the investment inside area ,can benefit from regional internal trade concessions .Furthermore ,into the investment inside area ,not only can enjoy the preferential policy, can also enjoy the area of the investment inside area many benefits .
In addition ,developed countries and some developing China has signed assistance agreement ,developed very much trade ,investment and other preferential policies .For example the United States of America and some countries in Africa have agreement ,Nike Air Force 1 Supreme,product zero tariffs.
Under such circumstances ,China Hongkong ,Sri Lanka ,all of these countries to invest to Africa .China seems to have been aware of the opportunities. In addition ,the European Union and the Caribbean ,Pacific area also signed A similar agreement.
These agreements to provide developing countries with preferential ,if not used, competition in the product will be at a disadvantage .China business times in November 13, 2003 .please answer 1)bonding material l and materials 2,analysis of China strategy .
( 2)combined with material with material 4 3in our country,carry out the strategy significance. Seven ,to discuss the problem according to the important thought of Three Represents ,analysis in the reform and opening up the Chinese new social class objective basis, and explain the Chinese new social class is the constructor of socialism with Chinese characteristics .
The reference answer one ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,individual choice 1.D2.A3.A4.B5.B6.A7.B8.D9.C10.D11.C12.D13.C14.A15.B16.D17.C18.A19.D20.A21.C22.B23.C24.D25.C26.C27.C28.B29.A30.C two,1.ABC2.BC3.ABCD4.ACD5.ACD6.ABCD7.ABCD8.
ABC9.CD10.BD11.AB12.BC13.ACD14.ACD15.BC16.ABCD17.ABCD18.BC19.ABC20.BCmultiple-choice question judge 1.r2.t3.t4.t5.r6.t7.t8.r9.r10.r11.r12.t13.t14.tthree ,15.r16.r17.t18.t19.r20.t four,case analyses a problem 1 our country answer keys constitution the thirty-seventh regulation: the people Citizens shall not be infringed upon.
Any citizen ,without the approval of the people or by decision of a people ,and executed by a public security organ ,shall not be liable to arrest .Unlawful detention and to other methods of deprivation or restriction of personal liberty of citizens ,unlawful search of citizen body.
Guo a violation of the above provisions ,so it is the legal sanction .2answer of China administrative procedure law the fiftieth regulation, the people hearing of administrative cases ,mediation does not apply .
The defendant in administrative litigation is a state organ ,shall make the national administrative power authority. The administrative organ of the state administrative power embodies the will of the state ,any organ or individual shall not transfer, give up ,i.
e. no treatment and disposal. In administrative litigation, the only sanction certain procedural rights ,if entrust an agent to litigation ,not beyond the agency authority disposition entity right.
Since the defendant has no right to punish the entity right, mediation is no possible .The people of administrative cases, mainly is the state administrative organs to implement the administrative punishment decision examine the legality ,if mediation ,not only detrimental to national law and would be a violation of The legitimate rights and interests of citizens .
The administrative case is a reflection of the vertical management and administrative legal relationship ,it is different from equality between the main body of civil legal relationship ,not controversial compromise on both sides to settle administrative management problems.
Therefore ,the administrative case trial is not applicable mediation way. The people can only be based on facts and the law of the referee. But on the administrative cases about compensation ,the court may at the request of the parties and the parties intention to mediate.
If mediate a success ,the people shall be issued by the administrative indemnity intermediation books five ,document corrects mistakes problem answer key (1) ( header error ;2)long main transmission error ;(3 )the year before last year is improper ;( 4)country ( 1986)No.
104 is not standardized;( 5)please forward HH tone improper ;(6 )the attachment should list the number ;( 7)carries no other instruction item ;( 8)each author should be accounted for in a line.
Six ,a comprehensive analysis of problem answer keys ( 1)material 1 and the material 2 ,China potential is very great ,but the actual investment is little ,and the average level of the world are different, we must vigorously promote overseas investment ,implement the strategy of going out .
As Jiang Zemin points out :now With more than 20 years ago, different situation ,carry out the strategy of the condition have more requirements are also more urgent ,( 2)material 3 and the material 4 ,the world economic situation is complex and changeful ,our country carry out the strategy of many favorable conditions ,we must make full use of ,this to play our own advantage ,alleviate domestic market pressures ,to further expand the economic dimensions of our country ,have very important realistic meaning .
Especially in China such big country with a numerous population is particularly important. Seven ,discusses the problem answer keys ( 1)the new social stratum in China to appear is the advanced economy ,advanced productivity relate, is our country economic development and the inevitable result of social development ,is not the people .
First ,the basic economic system changes ,so that they have engaged in non-public economic opportunities ;second ,the change of economic system ,make them into a market economy third ,each link ;the change of industrial structure ,so they were diverted ,transferred in succession in second ,the tertiary industry ;fourth ,the distribution system changes ,so they took the lead into the first rich rise in the ranks of the (2) new stratum properties: first ,new social stratum is mainly engaged in science and technology ,Service and management of complex labor ,is a socialist complex laborer ;new stratum in quite one part to form of factor of production create wealth in socialism ,especially in the capital elements involved in the creation of wealth ,private ownership of means of production ,at the same time, technology ,service and management of complex labor ,capital and labor have complex double identity is to factor of production and labor complicated by two kinds of forms in the community building .
Second ,how to treat the new estate property people political advanced with backward ,not simply to have no property ,how much property as the judgment standard ,and should be the main :?to see theirpolitical status and realistic performance; ?looktheir property is how come ;?to watch them onhow to control and use the property ;see them with their own labor to construct the Chinese characteristic socialism .
Third ,China social class in our staff ,in the party route and policy policy is how-to below ,through honest labor ,legitimate business ,development, for the development of the productive forces of the socialist society and the other has made important contributions to the cause ,some have joined the Communist Party of China ,they are in The cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics builder.

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The theater's version of the drama Thunderstorm and the youth ve

The theater, version of the drama Thunderstorm and the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm compare Chen Qinzeng Thunderstorm is a famous modern dramatist Cao Yu became famous and representative works ,the story of a place in the old China a feudal family story : the big miners Zhou Puyuan wife Fanyi and master Zhou Ping had an affair ,but Zhou Ping loves the maid four chicken, while Zhou Ping four Phoenix mother Shiping thirty years ago in the weeks family maid by Zhou Puyuan after the trick ,he and four chicken is in fact half-brothers and sisters ;in one night during a thunderstorm ,when all the case is entirely cleared.
,Zhou Ping withstood the stimulation ,shot suicide, four chicken ran out of the house ,electrocuted when ,Fanyi in order to save four Phoenix electrocuted ,Zhou Shiping left ,leaving only Zhou Puyuan in the collapse of the evil home HH Thunderstorm widely absorbed the western drama advantages ,clearly influenced by Ibsen plays &quot ;social tragedy &quot &quot ,Shakespeare ;drama ;the tragedy of character &quot ;and the ancient Greek drama &quot &quot ;tragedy ;and Western drama idea and creation method, and combine them organically together ,successfully demonstrated in 20inChina With a strong feudal color bourgeoisie family various characters in the life ,thought and character ,to become China first truly tragic drama ,so that the foreign art form a complete Chinese New Literature in China ,has become a unique artistic style.
Thunderstorm Ideological and artistic value is very high ,therefore ,Thunderstorm self creation has more than 70 years, has repeatedly been seen on the theater stage ,repeatedly performs not bother ,durable ,well received by readers and audiences.
Through so many years ,each time the staged Thunderstorm are not the same ,there have been various different versions. This paper is on the theater Edition ( Beijing people 1999version) and the Youth Edition ( Chinese Youth Theatre 1993edition) the two version of the Thunderstorm drama are compared.
The theater version of the drama Thunderstorm youth version of the drama Thunderstorm drama name: Thunder drama version :Beijing people Theatre :1999years.Director :Cao Yu :Xia Chun :Zheng Rong ,starring Zhu Lin ,Pu Cunxin ,Zheng Tianwei ,Han Shanxu ,Gong Lijun drama name: Thunder drama version :Chinese Youth Art Theater Performance year: 1993 Writers: Director Cao Yu Wang Xiaoying starring Gao Huibin Song Jie ::Han Jingru on the two version of the drama of the comparison ,this article mainly from the &quot ;on the original degree of faithfulness ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot ,&quot ;scenery ;actors ,&quot ;&quot ;work structure and plot connected &quot ,&quot ;expression of &quot ;thought ;five respects: first ,the degree of faithfulness to the original is very obvious ,the theater version of the drama Thunderstorm than the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm faithful to the original version of the drama Thunderstorm .
People out of a total of four screen ( without the prologue and Epilogue ) ,with the original four act tragedy &quot ;&quot ;is almost as like as two peas ,not only the story line, lines are no more ,even the scenery ,with original character clothing depiction of the basic agreement.
Such as the first act begins with Description :& quot ;niche hangings or deep cover ,which placed the showy flower. The middle door open ,a layer of iron gate ,looking out from the door ,garden trees shade shade ,and heard the cicadas in the name.
The right clothes cabinet ,with a piece of yellow tablecloth ,putting many small pendulum pendant, the most obvious is a old photo ,Adidas Jeremy Scott,is not harmonious and these fine things In front of .
Cabinet narrow Aiji, put the luxurious smoking with some fragmented object .The right furnace has a clock with the words basin ,wall ,hung a painting. Furnace front there are two armchairs ,back toward the wall .
The middle left glass cabinets filled with antiques, in front of the little table green flower chair cushion ,left corner of the couch is not old, on which were three or four Satin thick mats .
Sofa before short a few arrangements such as fabric ,Taichung two small sofa with table are very beautiful, round table plays Lv Song cigarette case and fan .&quot ;still describe four Phoenix :&quot ;she wore a old white fabrics coat ,thick Shandong silk pants ,a pair of slightly old cloth shoes.
Her body is very neat ,move though very lively hh&quot ;original writes ,stage and so arranged ,actor is in ,say four Phoenix wear &quot ;an old white coat fabrics &quot ;on the stage ,she never wore &quot ;two a new red shirt fabrics ,the original &quot ;loyalty is impeccable .
youth version of the drama thunderstorm is greatly after adaptation ,in addition to the original description of scenery and far ,four chicken don white fabrics &quot &quot ;wear ;and &quot ;&quot red pongee ;actor lines ,greatly changed and so on it Outside, there is still one of the most serious &quot ;not faithful ,that is in the original &quot ;&quot ;&quot Lu sea ;on the stage completely did not play, he in an adapted version of the drama Thunderstorm youth of missing &quot ;&quot ;!So ,what is faithful to the original good, still faithful to the original ?Each has its own merits.
It was faithful to the book is faithful to the original good ,faithful to the original is not bad. The theater version of the drama Thunderstorm faithful to the original ,first with the psychological acceptance of the audience and story development looks ,in the fight for the audience 占得先机;and youth version of the drama Thunderstorm bold adaptation, even the show did not show the character of Lu Dahai ,it is the audience maybe the audience does not accept ,but &quot &quot ;accident ;occurrence, giving a new enjoyment ,this may be a kind of get the audience method.
Of course ,this is only on the surface analysis of inferior or superior ,to answer this question, still get from multiple aspects of in-depth analysis ( such as from the need to express thought analysis ) .
But I understand ,Lu Dahai is not essential ( this will also mentioned) ,so that the most faithful to the original version Better mm this is a personal opinion ,can discuss. Two ,the stage drama is a performance art ,the setting of the stage plays an important role.
The actors on the stage, the stage of different symbolic story space .Thunderstorm transfer story is highly concentrated in the two space ,a is the Zhou family living room ,a Lu is the home version of the drama Thunderstorm .
The theater stage setting is &quot &quot ;realism ;the already mentioned above ,the first act begins with description of the Zhou house living room ,the theater version of the drama Thunderstorm stage as described in the original is arranged .
In addition ,How to understand the fund's investment style!,and Lu set, door door ,window is a window ,bed is a bed, is &quot &quot ;realism ;style mm of course ,here &quot ;&quot ,&quot ;realism ;realism &quot ;is opposite to the stage ,after all, is not reality.
The youth version of the drama Thunderstorm would be simple many, the stage is only a &quot ;&quot staircase ;,chairs and a table ,is entirely symbolic ,such as in the story of space ,the stage of a chair ,can be used as a chair ,Adiads Porsche Design,also can make the door, still can do the window ,also can make China bed .
Traditional opera The biggest feature is the emphasis on spirit ,&quot ;&quot ,with virtual realism ;virtual method to reflect life ,youth version of the drama Thunderstorm from the Chinese traditional opera this feature (in fact, drama and opera are drama ,have a lot in common ) ,the stage scene setting highly symbolic, even in a week residence in the living room and in the two space transformation ,the stage and did not change .
&quot &quot ;realism ;the stage to give vivid feeling, make people fully into the story ,like be personally on the scene ;&quot &quot ;symbol ;the stage setting to imagine space ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,as long as a little know stage art ,is not difficult to understand the stage is a symbol of the scene and the symbol representing the specific things.
However ,virtual scene ,will increase the actors performing difficult. In youth version of the drama Thunderstorm ,Zhou Ping burst into the Lu family festival ,virtual window ,make Zhou Ping into action ,poor ,and put symbol window chair knocked over is how to return a responsibility ?Three actors ,no matter what form of art ,people always is the soul of art ,on the stage ,http://deadidasporschedesign.com,stage actor is the soul of art ,acting ,decided the success or failure of performance .
Of course ,in the Drama ,the script ,the scenery and many other important factors ,but the actors are all factors of heavy medium of heavy - Comparison of two versions of the actors in the drama ,important significance.
Comparison of the actors ,the main cast from God ,made, visit mm God is expression ,expression ,language is the language speak ,namely ,action ,manner. in thunderstorm ,Zhou Puyuan was an authoritarian cruel feudal parents ,like to carry out his will ,make others obey ,from which he forced Fanyi medicine section can see out.
Then ,the God of Zhou Puyuan ,made, how it should be .?in short ,natural look to dignity ,speak with parents cavity ,with a command of execution intimidating. These points, compared to the two version of the play ,the theater version of the drama of Zhou Puyuan is clearly better skill ,like a master &quot ;&quot ;appearance and youth version of Zhou Puyuan appears mild ,manner it was sort of a decent manners ,but people feel a lack of strength, not powerful.
for Fanyi ,Fanyi &quot ;a look that is brave in very important woman ,her face was pale ,only the reddish lip ,her big and grey eyes and nose feels some Afraid. But the eyes see she is blue ,in the silent long lashes .
Sometimes the heart when the smouldering fires ,her eyes would be filled with a young woman down after suffering and hope ,her mouth bend back a little ,which shows a restrained woman in control .
Her white slender hands ,often in her gently when coughing, in accordance with his thin chest .Until his heaving a sigh ,she felt his bulging red cheeks ,heaving a sigh .&quot ;&quot ;she is a trained a new education old woman ,a her frail ,her wise mm her poetry hobby ,but also has a lost the passion and strength in her heart somersault with.
" &quot ;her character has a irresistible l brute force R ,which allows her to make the decision to fling caution to the winds suddenly . She loves like a fire so warmly ;hate someone will like a fire ,it burned to.
&quot ;Cao Yu such as the Fanyi ,then the actor should how to Fanyi play ?The story takes place in the early nineteen twenties ,Fanyi is a &quot ;with a new education old woman &quot ,so her thoughts ;should be Comparison of progress ,so the theater version of the drama Thunderstorm of wearing cheongsam Fanyi will allow more people to accept, and Fanyi appearance ,with a sad face ,again due to illness and the pale ,an actor to do it in place .
youth version of the drama thunderstorm in Fan Yi is an ancient female dress, wearing off ,in the image can not see her advanced ideas and the pale face side ,too ,was melancholy is inadequate ,the medicine action very exaggerated, behavior comparison of affectation ,rather than art version of the drama Thunderstorm Fan Yi in brief less natural .
But in the fourth act Zhou Ping to take the four Phoenix home ,but was Fanyi obstructed section, &quot ;Fan Yi &quot ;also made joke ,his lines wrong ,let the week came, but the &quot ;at &quot ;is a &quot ;&quot ,under an Ping ;.
Moreover said Lu You ,I think ,the theater version of the drama Thunderstorm in Lu You simply incredible ,actor Lu Gui this feudal family of man alive ,even a &quot ;his mother &quot ;scold so art ,a be overwhelmed with admiration for .
In a word :no picky ,almost perfect. And youth version of the drama Thunderstorm in Lu You A big flaw ,actor left Lu Gui wretched look full expression ,tone of voice and Lu your identity not identical, and the biggest shortcoming in action, &quot ;he is very sensible ,especially manners ,his slightly bowed ,seems to always bent his head to his the owner agreed L r&quot ;,this point is not well.
People actor version of the drama Thunderstorm in Lu You is a hotspot, and the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm in Lu you was disappointing ,cut tragedy comedy mm Lu GUI without doubt is a comedy role.
The Shiping ,four chicken ,Zhou Ping ,Zhou Chong and other figures ,the two version of the actor basically is almost done ,but on the whole ,the theater version of the actor performing skills more skilled ,more natural ,more considerable .
Of course ,each according to his lights ,two actors also each has its own merits. ,I think people version of the actor ,and statements of a school ,different opinions can be retained .Four ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,work structure and plot connection we say Thunderstorm by Ibsen &quot &quot drama ;social tragedy ;influence, mainly in the images of Zhou Puyuan and The theme of a literary work .
So ,in order to create the image of Zhou Puyuan and the expression of the theme, the script needs to have a specific structure and plot. In the book, Zhou Puyuan is the Thunderstorm heroine, is the variety of the root causes of the tragedy .
Works to him as the center, arranged two major clues :one is he and his wife Fanyi conflict ,to show the conflict within the family ;he is and miner Lu Dahai conflict ,A variety of Thickener colloidal the introduction and application of,to show his with the worker opposition ,the two clues through the shiping and closely together, constitute a complex drama conflict.
The most faithful to the original version of the drama Thunderstorm on the adoption of the structure, is also two main cues ,also show the family internal contradictions and class conflict ,and the original is different, drama and consciousness to highlight the human side, there is a dark emotional cues ,characters through feelings together, making the entire structure .
And the story is focused on all blend into one harmonious whole. Two days to complete ,all the contradictions and conflicts will explode in a short period of time ,made the story climaxes, exciting youth version of the drama Thunderstorm without Lu Dahai this character ,the class struggle this clue On the hidden up ,only highlights the internal family conflicts, the structure of relatively simple, focusing on the performance of humanity.
Before that, I think that the character of Lu Dahai is not essential ,although Lu sea &quot ;stealth &quot ;can be concentrated within the family conflicts ,to express the theme is more prominent ,but also make a sharp and complex dramatic conflict weakened .
The performance of conflict is a drama of &quot ;compulsory &quot ;no conflict ,no &quot ;&quot ;,weakened by conflict ,also weakened the play observability. I think ,structure is simple is not ,but the conflict of the drama to performance in place of it, if only watch the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm ,the conflict did well ,but not afraid, afraid of goods than the goods ,a comparative art version of the drama Thunderstorm ,youth version is not &quot & quot ;taste ;.
I think that the character of Lu Dahai is not essential ,and another reasons, that is about the plot connection problem. Cao Yu wrote Thunderstorm ,must be carefully conceived ,the whole works are very coherent plot ,the theater version of the drama Thunderstorm according to the original basic rehearsal ,the coherent plot There is no problem ,look very natural ,every line that fits the situation at that time .
But the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm adaptation ,Lu Dahai and Lu Dahai all plots are deleted, which makes the whole play words need to integrate ,works great .But the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm in this respect has not done enough ,some places appeared before &quot ;&quot ;.
For example, the first act of Zhou Puyuan Zhou Chong in conversation with a day: the red father ,how Lu sea is still here waiting to see you ?Who is red sea park Lu Lu ?Your son. The recommended in, this time when on behalf of the park this man !I want this person to have the background, the factory has dismissed him.
Red fired! Dad ,the human mind is clear ,I just tell the man about a return to represent the striking workers and not see it on the fire . Park huh ,now the general young people ,with the workers .
Have no compassion for others ,say two or three words ,words of sympathy ,as is a very fashionable thing to do !youth version of the drama thunderstorm has Zhou Puyuan say &quot ;now the general young people ,with the worker about ,say two or three words have no compassion for others ,the words of sympathy ,as is a very fashionable About &quot ;in this way, but because there is no Lu sea and make this sentence seems to be rather baffling ,because in front of Zhou Chong and Lu Dahai said to Zhou Puyuan ,so that he ,but Lu sea does not appear, with &quot ;workers talk about &quot ;where to start ?Again behind Zhou Chong to Lu home to send money one day ,Lu You took the money to buy things ,later in Lu Dahai attitude to the rest of the money ,and the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm ,does not appear in the sea ,Lu You only in Shiping tepid words is to hand over the money ,this is your character does not conform to the guru .
But it still has a lot of ,the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm Scene unchanged ,replaced by light and sound effects, excessive is natural ,and in the development of the story ,with some music to express people activities and thoughts and feelings ,so that the plot abruptly interrupt and connection ,to beat all aesthetic result ,with very high artistic quality .
In addition ,the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm also increased at the beginning and end of your &quot aging Lu ;buffy &quot ;and the story ending act two ,before and after the echo, make the structure integrity, to highlight the theme of five ,expression of ideas .
In the expression of thoughts and feelings ,the theater version of the drama Thunderstorm fully consistent with the original ,it is also the theater version of the drama Thunderstorm original work on a loyal performance.
Above we mentioned ,The first time and good for love,Thunderstorm by Ibsen &quot &quot drama ;social tragedy ;influence, mainly in the Zhou Puyuan image and the theme of the works .Cao Yu does not regard Zhou Puyuan as a class representative ,but rather as an animated &quot ;&quot ;to create mm from the perspective of people to feel the life, for the life of art ,this is Ibsen .
He drama Fanyi cold, because he cannot get her love ;he and Lu Dahai ,is that the society increasingly intense conflicts reflected ;and the shiping quarrel ,because he did not dare to face up to the girl he loved and married a reality ,at last ,when the shiping appeared again in the weeks family ,with him to repent mood ,ordered Zhou Ping to come with their mother had .
Although the author at the beginning of creating ,&quot ;and no obvious conscious I wants to rectify ,ridicule or attack anything ,however ,&quot ;&quot ;wrote last ,was like a kind of emotion The turbulent flow to promote I ,I in the vent his pent-up anger ,against a Chinese family and Society ( &quot ;Cao Yu :the thunderstorm.
Cao Yu anthology sequence ,volume first ,Chinese drama publishing house ,1988).The author sets out from the person ,revealed in the old feudal family internal contradiction and class conflicts ,expression of the old social discontent and on the &quot ;oppressed &quot ;sympathy.
Youth version of the drama Thunderstorm little Lu sea ,class struggle &quot ;hidden into the background &quot ;,not reflected ,so the whole drama can say just one the family tragedy ,works mainly reveals the family conflicts demonstrated the human aspects ,such as the fan ,is a long repressed female ,according to Maslow theory ,people with love and belongingness needs, and Fanyi in this respect is not satisfied, but also in the household ,and the she is Zhou Puyuan ,as she is Zhou Puyuan slave ,Zhou Puyuan takes her to do ,just for kids to set a &quot ;obey the example &quot ;.
In such families, Fanyi repressed suffocatively come ,that spirit is not normal .The youth version of the drama the thunderstorm On the multiple use of lights and music means to show Fanyi in the depression in the struggle the pain inside ,make Fanyi completely unmasked ,deeply shocked the audience in mind .
It can be said that ,the two version in thinking expression is the point ,but ,Art Edition drama Thunderstorm use is the traditional methods to express ,the youth version of the drama Thunderstorm hand rule of innovation, the lighting and the use of music is affirmed.
Finally, the general point of view, the two version of the drama is very impressive ,there are a lot of something positive ,whereas the two version of the drama and be far from ,in various aspects of the comparison above, there are many different points :Art version of the drama Thunderstorm youth version of the drama Thunderstorm on the original larger degree of faithfulness of faithful adaptation stage is more specific, realistic use of symbol ,virtual actors more skilled, skilled basic satisfaction, little three points work structure and plot connected drama in four acts ,two main lines ,complex structure ,narration ,plot connecting the more natural the prologue and epilogue ,one main line ,and has the advantages of simple structure ,flashback ,or far-fetched plot connection Thought and expression of focus reveals tragedy of focusing on the performance of human desire through the comparison in these five aspects ,we can see clearly the two version plays at different points ,and as we have said ,the actor is performed in the most important factor, so if you asked I compare like an edition ,the answer is more outstanding people actor edition.

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Dai Jinhua's commentary on the lust - physical, political, natio

I said is not so ,there are Eileen Chang and Hu Lancheng story. I saw a Chinese authoritative magazine specifically made such an interpretation of the report: caution as one of Eileen Chang later novels ,Eileen Chang writing, writing in the history of the longest one.
The novel 1950completed the first draft,has been to 1977 in Taiwan, the crown magazine ,until 83 years ,only income frustrated remember .Adapted numerous times ,changes of the draft .An explanation ,Eileen Chang wrote so long ,because Eileen Chang wrote her life story of one of the most important Eileen Chang borrowed Zheng Pingru thorn D Mocun case in writing about yourself, to write his the painful ,can not look back ,unforgettable emotions.
Eileen Chang also want to discuss ,explain the whole world may she confessed she fell in love with a traitor story may be more important is the former ( this has been related to the us back to that nation, spring and Autumn Annals problem ) ,is &quot ;I can stay to recall, just already dejected at that time &quot ;Eileen Chang to confront this section of emotions ,how to sum up this paragraph of affection? So we this authoritative magazine made this interpretation What could be established ?Because Eileen Chang this novel written later ,long not published ,long modifications ,until Hu Lancheng published this present life would later be published ( Eileen Chang gave it the name modern life ,Hu Lancheng misremembered ,wrote this present life ) ( laughs) .
This authority the magazine is explained ,Hu Lancheng goes first, Eileen Chang is also the evil behind ( laugh) ,the story that introduced. Today when Eileen Chang became a legend, become a miracle ,become the Chinese literature in the history of Chinese literary history has been described as the last hard height when, Eileen Chang Hu Lancheng legend began to wave to become popular culture or petty accomplishment component ( laughs) .
Interesting that everybody can remember a film ,called the red dust ( public ) ,which is superimposed on a legendary woman wool ,then superimposed on Brigitte Lin, to interpretation of the Hu Lancheng and Eileen Chang story.
I don whether you know this one episode of this film ,filmed ,produced in Hongkong ,succeeded in three released in the same period .Soon after, was the Taiwan authorities To ban this film ,because the beautification of traitors.
After Taiwan authorities banned red dust ,the mainland also banned red dust . In other words ,and not far in the past ,spring and Autumn Annals and traitors or an untouchable .But then ,I quietly to find ,do not know at what time ,modern life mountains and rivers in years has published in mainland China ,has started to become bourgeois classic.
But I see people raved about Hu Lancheng talent ,Hu Lancheng words, when people with colourful admire ,legendary ,romantic breath to talk about Hu Lancheng Eileen Chang when ,as if no one spoke of two things ,a thing is the traitor ,another problem is that Hu Lancheng and betrayal.
interesting fact. So I say this thing is so be known to all ,the waves spreading time ,I seem to need not be repeated here ,but I still miss the two of Hu Lancheng text ,to as for such a legend ,and on such a matryoshka layer understanding.
Everybody knows Hu Lancheng and Eileen Chang after the meeting, Eileen Chang sent his pictures to Hu Lancheng ,in the back to write this Like a sentence: &quot ;see him, she becomes very low ,low to the dust .
But her heart is joy ,from the dust in bloom .&quot ;Eileen Chang as a woman, is a tall woman ,so Hu Lancheng and her first time say ,oh ,how long you so high ah ( laughs) .Then responded that Eileen Chang &quot ;see him, she becomes very low ,low to the dust in .
&quot ;two individual knot a marriage, the wedding took place ,is a very romantic wedding ,only one page ,Hu Lancheng Eileen Chang concluded as husband and wife ,then followed the famous &quot ;may the years of quiet ,secular secure &quot ;a Eileen Chang type of prayer, a very low requirement to the betrayal of Hu Lancheng has become an established fact ,for Hu Lancheng, not betrayal is strange ( laugh) ,betrayal is normal .
Eileen Chang gave his answer it is ,if I have to leave you ,I will not go to commit suicide ,we could not love others ,I would be only self withered, self fade ,Cheap Air Force One,withered .Beautiful enough ,enough sad ,right? But here I want to take away a little a bit ,Hu Lan and the legend of Eileen Chang how deep wound on Eileen Chang them than ?Other artists ,writers life love story deeper wound ?Because Eileen Chang also in contemporary China ,in the Chinese world contact with a large age ,a period of great history, then this period of history is the history of the Cold War era .
This cross in the United States Seventh Fleet isolated and protection under such brutal confrontation a time. While Eileen Chang in the mainland are often Yuyuehuanxiu ,for language ,which contains the Eileen Chang in 49 yearsafter new China is built finally left, settled in Hongkong ,and in Hongkong wrote two there is no doubt that the anti-Communist novel mm yangko dance and my love .
Eileen Chang is in the world of the cold war ,a free world banner ,an escape from communist rule ,bravely against the Communist rule in such a hero .But the cold war pattern ,be appointed to such a position ,clearly and Eileen Chang extreme personality do not match, so she went to the United States of America .
As you may know, her second husband is American Communist Party member ,is an American left-wing writers ,thinkers ,this section of the free world is hidden and whether or not Eileen Chang so .
The choroid ,first made her in the cold war narrative in a very special status. So when Eileen Chang was as the enemy-occupied area female writer ,as traitors and unclear woman ,as anti-Communist daring vanguard ,in the whole mainland literature ,literary history completely disappeared when she was in Taiwan ,,in the overseas Chinese school ,have talent showing itself ,has been given more and more important role.
To show ,1988,precisely in 1987, I found Eileen Chang in the absence of any one text line case ,I read fallen ,I fall for it (laughs ) .I found that there are so great writers and great works ,so I started writing Eileen Chang research articles ,thought the history of literature has made tremendous contributions ( laugh ) .
I and Meng Yue cooperation in that book to the surface of the history the time of publication, Eileen Chang heat such as flat spring ,in the whole nation exploding. I can only say that I reactive habitat ,innocence can be negative ,I just in the historical tide ,unexpectedly made a return to the laity ( laughs) .
Then we say in such a background, Eileen Chang in the mainland completely disappeared ,while another thread ,you In 49years later in Taiwan,once a part of the history of modern Chinese literature is a wordless mumbo-jumbo .
Because the same logic of cold war makes them all ,had left ,pro-communist and stay in the mainland writers are set for the Communist writer. So the writer has completely disappeared ,literature history the can be counted on one ,about a palm can count writer.
In such a case, Eileen Chang position is not only outstanding ,it is the only . And at the same time as the main theme of Taiwan two author holds Taiwan contemporary literary literature ,a writer named Lin Haiyin ,you will because of south of the news and was familiar with her ;another writer is Zhu Xining ,they are not necessarily familiar with him, but you must be familiar with his famous two daughters ,Zhu Tianwen and Zhu Tianxin ( who ) .
And Zhu Xining as the war of resistance against Japan when the military or the Kuomintang troops in the middle of a youth literature ,he is the backpack .Among them ,forced marches ,a hail of bullets in a backpack Eileen Chang ,on Eileen Chang infinite love and loyalty and celebrated .
And because of his love for Eileen Chang ,he love me ,he invites Hu Lancheng to Taiwan. Taiwan his home office of the famous his literary school ,so today I age almost a generation of Taiwan important writer, is in Hu Lancheng literary man.
They love by Hu Lancheng Eileen Chang ,through Hu Lancheng Eileen Chang seems to share ,they can ignore the betrayal of Eileen Chang and Hu Lancheng no cure for the huge damage. So I say that Hu Lancheng Eileen Chang has become the Taiwan literature ,Taiwan literature is an important one in context and overseas Chinese Studies in Taiwan literature context ,context, in 1990, China society changes again ,the influx of mainland China and ten times a hundred times the speed of light ,rapid amplification of .
1988 year our times for Chinese library ,Eileen Chang can not find, can Su Qing .I ah ,really has discovered historical materials it (laugh ) ,I is such a great man ,a great female literature is really being male literature to destroy ,now I want to come to the writing of history ( laughs) .
And by 1990, was just over large and medium-sized city in mainland China the bookstall ,everywhere is Eileen Chang ,everyone is talking about Eileen Chang ,Probability theory and mathematical statistics,and then to Eileen Chang spoke highly of the rewriting of literary history is an important part of modern literature .
The hundred years classical discuss, once Eileen Chang to Lu Xun rather than Lu Xun or replaced Lu Xun. So I say that Eileen Chang has such a profound ,Nike Air Force 1 Premium,extremely complex and winding of the cold war history .
But she was in the Post-Cold War era of Chinese history, is endowed with a miraculous place. But then she to the cultural market ,cultural consumption for elegant gentleman ,elegant noble ,elegant spirit of bourgeois life ,Eileen Chang became a widely read, a widely accepted and loved it an idol, a star.
I want a little shorter said ,lust story is superimposed over an important element ,I want to tens of thousands of audience ,Chinese ,foreign ,Asian ,European audiences flocked to the cinema to see the movie, they still see another group representation ,another important space ,it is the old Shanghai.
Despite the entire colonial history ,the history of Globalization ,Chinese modern history on ,I say old Shanghai in 90 time began Global nostalgia for one of the important nostalgic appearance.
And the appearance of old Shanghai ,265 yuan in today's society can do,via nostalgia product copy reproduction by movie people ,again and again, three shooting ,it slowly coalescing into some images. These images are of course the streets of Shanghai ,of course, is Shanghai day three ,of course neon is a shining night market ,but more important is the cheongsam beauty ,suit man ( laughs) .
The suit is not enough ,but also the wax coated onto the MM we novel will read mm flies will split hair ( laugh ) ,http://adidasjeremyscottde.com/,like a helmet as male hairstyles ,decent man. Then suit black vintage car ,calendar ,cover girl ,all of this ,became condensed old Shanghai nostalgic image.
If in the world within the range of that old Shanghai nostalgia is a global century end effect for words ,so in contemporary China ,the old Shanghai there is no doubt that contains an important social and political events ,has become an important social syndrome ,this thing is what ?MM farewell to revolution .
We should make our social events ,our culture as a montage of processing ,we take a pair of scissors ,a knife from the 49Years of cut knife ,cut again from 79 years ,then we &quot ;in &quot ;a ground ( laughs) mm this is the modern Chinese .
So the old Shanghai nostalgia load such content ,and Eileen Chang became the old Shanghai nostalgia heat to a core of landscape ,it is in old Shanghai nostalgia during warm up ceaselessly .
I tell you frankly ,I love Eileen Chang ,but I can not love thereafter for Eileen Chang this is constantly enlarged, and constantly to the political practice political imagination ,attached to the writings of Eileen Chang and Eileen Chang story ,I cannot agree to such a Eileen Chang a desire and exaggerated has completely lost the historical orientation of literary history and basic knowledge of such a canonization process.
Following our very simple say Zheng Pingru . Because lust ,Zheng Pingru the forgotten woman begins by people repeatedly talking about Zheng Pingru Shanghai Bund on socialite ,when she was 18 years old ,has been driving a car to go to school and become a three gun licensing Shanghai Bund on the most fashionable woman and her identity is very interesting ,it will bring us most in the national discussion ,that is she Mother is a Japanese ,her father is Shanghai success, she also once lived in Japan for a long time ,so he was 19 years old ,the Sino-Japanese War broke out ,she was recruited as intelligence officer in ,because she has a very good condition ,her beauty ,her life ,her in Shanghai Bund social occasion this successful position and her extremely fluent native speakers of Japanese ,she is said to be a very successful espionage .
On her two other important story is 37 year in July,she became a good friend magazine cover girl ,you have been in many media to see this picture ,considerable 30 time( laugh) ,in 30standard is quite beautiful.
Other stories we will not to speak of ,we only say she was Mocun se d mm the Wang Jingwei government chief ,a jagged ,his hands covered in blood of the hangman. Until December 21, 1939 ,Zheng Pingru and Ding Mocun the same ,she said that she wanted to buy a fur coat ,then two people enter the store ,assassins ambush .
Then people see is Ding Mocun suddenly run away in panic ,and then ambush gunman shot 4 gun,did not hit the following facts .It is ,Zheng Pingru once again and Ding Mocun dating ,on dating in the famous cave No.
76 ,Zheng Pingru himself sent ,then immediately imprisoned .40 year in February,Zheng Pingru was killed ,was killed when she was only 23 years old. After the success of Anti-Japanese War ,Ding Mocun as traitors ,as his blood-stained executioner ,arrest ,trial ,was shot ,trial and shot his serious crime of murdering ,Zheng Pingru .
Also at this time ,the Kuomintang government granted to Zheng Pingru martyr ,is a generation of martyrs ,and that is his honor ,because his brother is the air force ,died in combat. This is the official history the story then folk version of the story, is that there is a reason D Mocun from 100 loan-shopping mallsin be defeated and flee ,Zheng Pingru said you scoot &quot ;&quot ;( laugh ) .
Another version is that Zheng Pingru was arrested her from first to last no admitted that she and the EC in the relationship, and the whole Japanese intelligence system unable to confirm her as a spy ,so the whole case and file always in a sex between entanglement ,Zheng Pingru was killed by traitors wife cannot tolerate a small fox to seduce him Men ,the destruction of their home .
This is another version of this story to tell .And reason ,is two things .One is its direct contact with Eileen Chang and Hu Lancheng ,the movie a familiar a cultivated audience come very naturally ,will produce associative .
Why ?Because a view is, if Eileen Chang really know the secret story, should Hu Lancheng tells her story. Another important connection is adopted ,the story which version ,it is established on the history of an important narrative .
So ,such the three story, like Russia sets layer as set in this movie ,this film has the enough attraction and enough selling point ,but it has a peculiar to accept and explain the structure of a complex association .
And more interestingly ,Eileen Chang himself is a love about their archetypal sources of people ,all her stories have a prototype ,most of her writing was a close one ,with things ,she is rough ,the bitterness of the growth process of traditional code of conduct Recognition .
So she would tell you her novel every prototype is anything, but only lust ,Eileen Chang deny by oath any prototype ,she hate people put the story and the Zheng Pingru assassination ,Mocun case together.
Therefore ,Eileen Chang also played two written polemics ,of course, one is not about the prototype ,but about whether as traitors debate. This is a very interesting ,from this sense, we regard the story as the Zheng Pingru assassination ,Mocun case as the prototype of the story ,we are not responsible for history ,fiction ,imagination .
,meet by chance the time too much ,sometimes some very strange situation ,is life imitating art . You didn think of that ,a fantasy story ,so it a true reality counterpart .But ,when it is used as a discourse ,as a narrative is confirmed ,to be repeatedly produced, as accepted and understand this film ,it has become an integral part of the film ,it has become a layer of a layer.
Then we go back to the video. We talked about last explanation ,that is covered by the people The point is that ,this movie is a piece of spyware. Today, Chinese TV play has a round piece of spyware as Chinese popular culture began to appear ,keep on repeating at great length .
But I don if you noticed ,in fact this is not unique to China as a culture phenomenon ,in fact it is very interesting ,since twenty-first Century, spy films to pop ,indeed a global phenomenon.
In Europe ,in the United States ,in the East Asian countries ,have begun to once again appear spy film heat . I have made a study ,the conclusion is: the Cold War spy film type. You think 007there at any timeyou think ?national day ten o intrepid hero track tiger ,think the highest honor the nameless hero scout meritorious service the Soviet film ,you it absolutely ,and the cold war ,the two world one divides into two.
Such a fact linked . So we ask, why is not only after the cold war ,post-Cold War ,the cold war and is far away ,the cold war has been forgotten ,people no longer know what the cold war ,the cold war history ,the logic of cold war ,no longer able to people To understand when ,why spy films has become a globally popular types ?Why at this time ,do not need to do a choice of Ang Lee ,in Eileen Chang numerous novels ,chose a very important novel.
The novel is Eileen Chang will often not to touch the small figures of history in history ,the dramatic moments and dramatic life . I am such a problem to do such an attempt to understand and answer.
So first of all, the answer is not my original ,I quoted mm if listening the words ,remember I told a Russian movie called night watchman ,then it will have day watch dusk watch ( dusk watch has been recently a novel Trilogy ) ,the title seems to be spy film heat an explanation ,the name &quot ;without the main time &quot ;&quot ;no the main space &quot ;&quot ;no ordinance of the Lord &quot ;,I rewrite it into &quot ;without the main land of &quot ;&quot ;without the main world &quot ;&quot ;no main power &quot ;.
Really we say there is no primary land ?There is no primary world ?There is no the main space ,without the main power what ? we said no ,then it is in what sense we say it without a master? Is at the end of the cold war ,we once again into a new global power in the war time.
I use a parable ,called competition world. We see on the surface the United States as an empire on the rise ,and we in the other a view ,the United States as an empire, its power has been an unprecedented threat .
That is the EU as a new empire ,an old empire in the resurrection. At the same time and the rise of China ,and the Asian dollar zone expected ,Asian dollar zone of possible threats. In addition, in many places ,economic high speed growth ,energy warfare ,biological warfare ,space resources for the war on an unprecedented scale in the expansion .
So it is a tempting and unprecedented power unprecedented power did not confirm the period. Such a large environment brings is that every one in the main time ,no space ,no master Lord of the land ,without the law of the Lord ,without the main authority before ,personal identity ,personal significance ,the way of life an unprecedented period of uncertainty .
So we see the spy film on the surface is a study on the identification of friend or foe problem ,about a story about eliminating traitors ,An evil story ,but in fact at the time of the cold war ,spy films which was so popular in the world ,it is a human one divides into two.
One divides into two. ,,everyone must stand side line, where your position of the era, but too many ambiguous ,too many ambiguous ,too much ,too many to be hard resolved ,that every one of us in this spy movie type of entertainment ,is a soothing ,got some kind of Enron.
I always make fun of said ,good commercial value lies in you after reading ,then you go to last a week. ( laugh) ,you are desperate ,see this movie later ,also can live for a week.
Good spy film is in such a sense, soothe the extreme cold ,jagged environment this to be very careful ,Jing Jing life experience. And today the situation is totally different ,but the main power ,the main power contest ,in this contention ,extremely brutal competition ,not only losers are always in the wrong ,but today is king, tomorrow might be defeated .
Today ,tomorrow will be out in such a cruel life state ,one has no intrinsic can depend on the value system To confirm the identity of such a time ,spy films once again swept ,to load the political unconscious ,the social consciousness ,the experience of life .
This is my attempt to give the first interpretation .While the second interpretation of the MM I do not know whether everybody the attention of international news ,hope you concerned about .You will found that ,since the new century ,in the world scope ,suddenly there is a word, disappeared for a long time a word ,the frequency of occurrence of more and more frequent ,the word is &quot ;spy &quot ;.
For a while the United States CIA captured a mainland Chinese as a spy ,a moment caught a Taiwan spy ,for a while, where where found a commercial spy ,constantly spying ,including that I was born in the Cold War era who grew up I have often said ,really ?It ?Is really a spy ?But the term has become an international incident and international news of one of the highest frequency words .
In other words ,the main struggling for power ,once again launched a global nature of the spy .This of course is the spy film inspiration and practical sources .Third I think may be more profound ,and Zhang Ailing Ang Lee Zheng Pingru story seems to have a very subtle echoes and control relationship, then the dimension is what I thought ,why in the end of the cold war ,the beginning of the new century ,such a should be bright and full of hope, full of peace and development of the free thought during this period ,while the popular spy film ,the identity of the individual becomes not so clear ,so ambiguous ,so anxious ,so hard ,I think it is linked with the fact ,on one hand we are facing an era of globalization ,and the era of globalization is one of the most important features is flowing .
What in the flow of capital in the flow .Culture in ?Flow population in flow .I repeated again in the old saying ,90 years whenwe hold Comparative Literature Conference ,famous for my favorite writer and scholar Albert .
Acol to Beijing University speech ,he stood on the podium ,the last words ,the ruler of the world have made a mistake ,they think this is an immigrant time. He said that this was not a migration of the times ,this is a racial migration times ,he says a big migration era began ,that is to say great disorder under heaven .
He said friends ,this is what I brought you disappear from Europe Information (laughs) .It gave me the impression is too deep ,I still remember .So is this mass flow ,the flow ,it is more and more citizens of the world ,young white-collar workers ,students ,people with higher education ,from the novel more than one language ,they are the real world citizens.
I do not say to others ,because they have enough money, so they are citizens of the world ,but is absolutely the global people, they can be found in any one place ,no problem ,I don them, because their ratio is too small.
Another is the lower flow ,a large number of illegal immigrants ,a large flow of migrant workers ,they crossed the border ,across the channel ,cross the ocean ,many tragic stories ,many touching stories ,see which side are you on .
Like a wooden boat in the United States Coast shore ,then there is a Chinese illegal immigrants ,they live in their own feces and urine ,including pregnant women ,including children ,the Americans said that the human being spirit symbol, they say that freedom world how ,at any price ,I saw the extreme sadness ,extreme misery .
Or you in Train station to see laborers in nonhuman like sardines as trunk crowded time ,one of my good friends ,a Chinese famous writer said ,how I moved, I saw the human yearning for the pursuit of happiness ,the strength (laughs) .
Then I said ,I am very sad ,I see become destitute and homeless ,was the survival and prompted by the desire ,is in how to pay a terrible price. This is due to a different position, but in fact is a global mobility ,a large scale flow .
Temporary sees a news, is Beijing airport when the plane took off loan cover open time,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com, off two black people in Africa ,they hide in there ,I think they are not to be smuggled into China ( laugh) ,should saying is to reach Paris or the French region of a more developed country.
Too much of the story here, I will not go to one one about . We say so a global movement ,it begins across national borders ,begin to cause a nation ,country the inevitable connection fault .
For instance I I ,that means I is the Chinese nation ,but now I was Chinese nation son Female ,but may be I am American ,French ,German, my country ,my identity ,may be entirely different things ,but my race, my race ,my cultural memory ,my family, my land ,that part.
We don discussion of the theory of national problem ,but the nation ever in the world to be we believe is a very natural thing, because I am the nation ,I was in this land ,I am this language ,I am this lineage ,I is the color of skin ,called &quot ;black hair ,black eyes ,yellow skin &quot ;mm ,right ?I ,Adidas Jeremy Scott the offensive firepower .,I am Asian ,I am proud of Mongolia race ( laugh) .
I said it was logical ,it used to support each of us for a very important thing ,but this time start to break .To take an extreme example ,London has the large-scale bombings ,is said to Islam by terrorists ,but in fact executed bombings of these Islamic terrorists are British nationality .
So the two things began to shake ,an East West is to say when I say I time, this sentence is not so clear , because I ,may I take the United States passport ,is the United States citizenship ,may I be Africa ,is it right? So I should say I was Garner, I was in Bolivia ,I ?When he said it ,he was right ,but he is wrong.
Another thing is, when London massive bombings occurred, for Britain, threatening not to distant bases are sent to the terrorist threat ,in us ,around us ,then who is the enemy ?Then come back ,suddenly spy case in international news up ,we will find that ,in this international news reports, there are few American spy agencies found an American spy for China ,found the United States citizenship must be a Chinese spy to China ,the United States National Taiwanese to Taiwan as a spy.
In other words ,people once again become a identify ways. As if speaking a little too theoretical ,everyone started sleepy (laughs ) .Then we get into some less theoretical, such as sex ,( laugh ) .
I say another thing is, there is a concept appeared, I say We will be very clear ,called &quot ;global Chinese .When we say &quot &quot ;&quot ;Chinese ;when, is no longer in the border line ,ADIDAS Porsche Design P5000,is no longer in a geographical and political concept ,is no longer in a certain so-called community ,and we transcend space ,we global Chinese built &quot ;&quot ;concept ,use it to call for a new national identity.
But please note ,I often make fun of that fact ,critical thinking, some wisdom thinking method ,is very simple ,is to do more negative thinking ,do a lot of thinking when we mean .
Global Chinese &quot ;&quot ;as a new thought ,new symbol and new calls for the time ,we can see it is also showed that today Chinese ,China is involved in the globalization of such a huge flow and discrete .
There is a character named &quot ;Diaspora&quot ;,the word not so good, there are over for the &quot ;&quot ,&quot diaspora family ;what ;become destitute and homeless ,called &quot ;&quot ;&quot country outside ;the word ,in fact we do not translate well ,as it turns out, only to the Jews .
The existence of a Jewish people ,but not a land Kosher ,and Jews become destitute and homeless ,them anywhere in the world ,belong to the world any place ,any nation is the world country, but they have profound self identity ,they tenaciously retain their culture ,their customs ,their values ,their family structure.
So the word it tells us discrete facts ,also tells us that a new call and to condense the fact .In this background ,I spy films out of our new life ,new living space ,the new survival predicament in pain ,confusion ,ambiguity ,so we have such a statement say ,I am American ,but I is also the Chinese ;I ,I wish I was Korean ,but I also Japanese such an identity ,the needle at the known as new immigrants or guest home ,residing in the crowd.
You to survive in the land of loyalty and of your birthright national ownership between, and sometimes is not so harmonious .This is my understanding of spy films in the world has once again become the focus of this paper gives several tentative interpretation back to specific for this movie .
I think in this movie ,I just Ask some students to say ,had watched movies ?You read. So can not read the novel ?Most of the students said read. Because Chinese students mostly. Then I asked you what it feel like? The answer is ,some people think that the novel is better than the movies ,most people believe that the film than the novel .
I think movies than novels .Firstly in this movie have a very interesting changes happened, Eileen Chang as a writer to write this story ,Ang Lee as a male director adapted the story.
But in my opinion ,in this story ,is gender meaning .Eileen Chang takes her to her smart ,sophisticated ,with her black life field of vision ,with her cold ,write a good story. While Ang Lee takes his tenderness ( laugh) ,to his honest to him .

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